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x wave 10 vs x wave 8

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I tried on a salomon x wave 8 and liked the fit but I was looking for a bit stiffer boot because I am 6'3" and about 210. They did not have an xwave 10. Do you think the fit will be similar? I have a wider foot and the 8's felt comfortable.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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The fit is the same, the only difference there would be is that the 10 uses a nicer liner with denser materials.
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I ski the 10 and think its kind of soft. I don't think a guy your size would be happy in the 8.
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and the 10 has the extra Tnuts on the back of the shell to make it stiffer...

same fit
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Either the Xwave 9 or 10 will have a better quality liner than the Xwave 8, but fit should be the same.
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I just upgraded from the 8s to the 10s.

I am 6'2 and 200lbs and glad to have made the switch. The 8s were the most comfortable boot I've even owned, but they were just too soft. I haven't skied the X10s, but the fit is pretty much identical to how my 8s felt when they were new. The flex feels much stiffer.
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Thanks for your help, I just bought a brand new pair of 2005's online(not sure if they are 2005-2006) for $200.00. If they fit like the 8's they should make me really happy. What do you guys think about the boot inserts that raise up your arch? When I was trying on boots I put one in and it felt pretty good.
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where'd you get the 10's for $200?
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A buy it now auction on ebay. Take a look at the seller maybe he has some more.

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