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Demoing skis at Winterpark

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I have been looking to buy a new all mountain ski in a shorter length than I ski now. I have a pair of Atomic Beta carve 9.18s 5 years old 190 length.

My friend told me WP was having a demo day so I jumped at the chance. I have been looking at Volkl AC2s, AC3s, Dynastar 4800/8000s, Head Monsters, K2 Recons and Rossi B2s.

6' tall 190, 54 yo great athlete but middling skier. I can ski any groomed run with speed and confidence but struggle in deep crud and very deep powder. I try bumps but not good at those either.

All my friends, most better skiers than me have said some new AM shorter skis and watch how much faster i will improve.

First off this isn't easy to nail down the exact ski. Trusting the pros at CSGolf helps a lot.

Naturally Volkl and Dynastar did not show at the demo. A dissappointment. Also the conditions were spotty, some man made snow on an icy base. I skied Cranmer over and over, there is a short gentle grade but mod deep bump run about half way down.

K2 Recons: My buddy just loves this ski. I tried it and was disappointed a bit. I don't know all the technical stuff everyone else here knows, I will just say these skis seemed heavy and slow with very little edge control on any skied off ice. My buddy says they just cruise thru the powder and crud. Very *damp*, based on the conditions of 11/25/06 this would not be a choice of mine.

Rossi Z9: None of the other skis I wanted to try were ready so the Rossi guy said try this one, its different, Quote from him, "kind of a racing ski"?! I thought Ok lets see although I am not a racer and was really concerned I would be overmatched.. My thoughts, (168 length) quick light nimble ski that just wants to turn and loves to be on its edges. Really fun and handle the ice like ice skates. Another old geezer like me loved them too. He bought a pair on the spot.

B3: Another kinda heavy sluggish ski. Very slippery on the ice, could hardly feel the edges catching. Lots of skidding. Weird since its a well rated ski. Funny when trying the B3 I was on the lift with a more accomplished skier and he loved his B2s and did not like the Z9s, felt they only wanted to be on their edges and he said he felt he would catch an edge too easy. I thought being on edge is desired, rolling ankles from edge to edge is how to ski, per a working lesson received from a ski instructor last year. . I got work to do I guess.

B2: A better ski for me. Better edge control and easier in the bumps. Still slipped and slid on the skied off ice.

Heres the thing. How much was my demo influenced by the conditions, old snow plus man made snow, skied off, bits of rock here and there. How would I have felt had there been 6 inches of fresh powder on a nice 3 foot base. I am going to demo some Volkl AC2s and AC3s at Breck tomorrow.

I will be taking some serious ski lessons this winter to see just how much I can get better. I took golf lessons this summer and went from a 13 index to a 5 inside of 2 months so I am truly convinced that quality pro lessons are a great help when trying to master a sport.

Not really a ski review but more of a stream of consciousness dialogue on this idea of an all mountain ski and how one finds the right one. My gut tells me I will end up with a couple/3 skis and not just a one ski quiver.
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Somewhere on here there is a review of the AC3 vs the AC4 and the AC4 got better marks as a more forgiving and easier ski. You may want to do a search and consider it for your demo.
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Dogman I gotta agree with your review on the K2's. On powder days and crud they're great but heavy and slow to respond!!!

Where on the mountain did you ski em?
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