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Demo Day @ Winter Park...My Observations

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Don't hate on me if I foul all this up. I'm a novice at this stuff, but I thought I'd pass along my impressions of a few sticks I tried this weekend.

My Stats:
Level 8
35 yrs old

I tested 4 skis on Saturday in what can only be described as early season $hit. Icy in the AM and softer with poor coverage in the PM as the sun warmed it up.

Skis tested included:
* Atomic Snoop Daddy (175)
* Atomic M11B5 (170)
* Head Monster IM82 (183)
* Head Mojo 90 (176)

I tried to take them on as much variable terrain as could be found, including sucky hard bumps, big icy groomers and in between some trees where coverage was sufficient. My impressions as follows:

* Atomic Snoop Daddy- This ski felt different than any Atomic I've ever skied. Having skied a 175 M:EX a few times, I was expecting this to feel like it, given the advertisement that it was the replacement , essentially, for the M:EX. It is not.

The ski is VERY light and it requires great effort to keep the tips in contact with the snow. It was very quick edge-to-edge and held the ice/snow on the groomers admirably. Just fine in the bumps. Not a bump ski, but so light and relatively quick that I could get it around no problem in glamour bumps on a blue/black run. In the trees, it was fine making short turns and the tip rode up on top of the few inches of crusty powder there nicely. I could see them floating very nicely on a powder day.

The Snoops were also very squirrely when run flat on , for example, connector trails.

I think they'd be a nice powder ski, but for me, the lacked any real feel. I didn't think they excelled at much, but were decent everywhere.

* Next, I took out the M11B5's. First impressions were WOW! If you get your feet shoulder width and commit to an edge they really carve nicely. They were plenty quick in the bumps and relatively stable at speed.....However, I'll never buy or recommend them to anyone for one reason only: You absolutely cannot run these flat. I learned the hard way & tweaked my knee a bit and landed hard on an already-bum shoulder because I decided to straightline the last 10% of a cruiser after I had gotten beaucoup speed up. In about 3 seconds , the tips went all silly on me, I caught an edge and ended up sliding through a boundary fence.....all, I'm sure, to the amusement of the gapers on the lifts heading up.

Wondering if it was only bad luck, I did it again on the subsequent run. knowing to expect it, I was able to recover without wiping out again, but it was enough to let me know I never want to ski them again.

If you keep them constantly on edge, they are incredible. Run them flat & you will cut your season short , eventually.

* Next was the Monster IM 82. I haven't skied a Head ski since the late 80s & only thought to ski them based upon some of the reviews on here. My experience was more akin to Dawgcatcher's than others...WOW! I thought they had great feel and plenty of energy if you skied them fast....They love to go fast. At 183 cm , I never felt even remotely concerned about their speed limit and was able to link huge GS turns all the way down several runs, plowing through push piles, slicing through ice and blasting through "bumpy" terrain from a day of too many skiers and not enough snow. Simply put, if you put them on edge, they RAIL!

I thought they'd be terrible in the bumps, but they were more than serviceable. They require some effort (esp at 183) to get around, but I was handling the bumps fine by run #2. Certainly not a bump ski, per se, but for a competent skier, they'll do just fine.

In the trees, I blowed through the crust and was able to link quick turns effortlessly , although some speed was required to get them to respond. It'll get your heart pumping a bit.

I'm buying these skis asap. I liked them that much.

* The final ski was the Head Mojo 90. I only got in 3 or 4 runs on these, through essentially the same conditions...I don't know whether it was the design or the tune, but these guys just weren't as stable at speed. In addition, they were not in the same league as the other 3 at holding an edge....It was easy to pivot/shmear turns to stay in control, but you couldn't really commit to an edge like with the others in these conditions. Ice or terrain variance really threw them. Plenty quick in the bumps and were just fine in the trees.

A true test of these would be on "normal" season conditions in Jan or so, when running them on ice and crap isn't the extent of the test for them.
ALso, I think I'd like them longer (186).

Anywho, I thought I'd pass this along.
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Great Reviews.....

I've never been on the monster 82, but I own the 88... I'd imagine they feel fairly similar. I've actually heard that the 82 is the burlier ski. I've also noticed the same thing about the b5-- they need to be on edge. Good ski, though...
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Actually the I.M 82 has a somewhat softer tip than the I.M 88 which is fairly stiff throughout.

Note that had I run the same set of demo skis as scrambledawg I would have chosen the I.M 82 also. All I can say is that there's more options out there, but everyone has their own personal "hole" in their quiver to fill.
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