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3 days at Okemo

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Best early conditions in a few years. Granted not much was open, but you could have skied your new skis and not have to worry.

I skied the first few hours and then left. Today would have been ok to stay later, fewer people, but I had things to finsh up around the house. Saturday was pretty crowded. Friday wasn't to bad.

Went up to Killington on Friday after lunch. (didn't ski) They had top to bottom skiing and a lot of people. Looks like they did a good job of getting the snow laid out for the skiers. They even had a playground of snow down by the beginners area and there appeared to be about 200 people around the Magic Carpet.

With this weeks warm weather here in the East, looks like next weekend may be limited at best.
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Still a couple of weekends till I can get up there. Thanks for the TR and the heads up.
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