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Karbon Opinions

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I tried doing a search but found very little about opinions for the Karbon brand.

I am thinking of going with a Karbon jacket and pants that are on sale at a local sk shop. Can anyone tell me from experience about the characteristics and quality of this brand?

Thank You
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Has low availability because most of their US sales are to ski schools and race teams as uniforms. Quality is just as good as Spyder, plus you still get to look like a tool with coordinated pants and jacket.
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My wife has a Karbon jacket she loves. Takecontrol618 is right: quality is right up there with Spyder. Very, very well made. Durable, warm...all that you want in high-end skiwear.

It's not my style, but my wife likes it.
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Very durable, but wear like iron. Very heavy. But well made, and if the price is right, I'd go for it.
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I'll second "heavy"
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as above
warm, durable, race jacket styling (if that's your thing)

heavy, not breathable and very absorbant of moisture, race jacket styling (if that's not your thing), some deals can be had

I have a karbon jacket that I haven't used for a couple years. It blocks the wind superbly, but I always feel like I should be warmer than I am when I'm wearing it, which is quite the opposite of when I'm wearing a shell over a fleece.
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I have two, wife has 1. My older one is definitely heavier than my new one, seems to be a different material. IMHO, Karbon is the best bang for the buck. Very technical, (removable sleeves on some, lots of pockets, vents, pass pockets, etc). My new one even has two clips on the inside mesh pocket: one clip has a soft sunglass case and the other has a glass wipe!
We're very happy with them, just a bit hard to find in the shops. Have a good season!
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The two Karbon jackets that I had as an instructor were trash. Heavy, but not warm and leaked like a sieve. I gave them away.

My low line Spyder was light years ahead on all counts.

Nothing good to say about Karbon .... if they have an upper end jacket it may be OK, but I'd look real hard at where anything fits in their product line.

dad woulda' said .. "not worth the powder to blow it up with .. "
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