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Mogul Groomers....

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I have long heard rumors that there is a groomer that makes perfect moguls. After some web research I have been unable to find any evidence of it's existence. Does anyone have a link to a page that has some information on this subject? Has anyone ever seen one live in action?

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We have one at 7S, but I think it's defective and the operator is drunk when using it, lmao :
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That would be cool if there was one. Last I saw, the competitive mogul runs are still made with a shovel and somebody's back.
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Timberline uses some kind of device to make moguls in the summer for the mogul camp, but these are not perfect by any means. They require some serious skiing to smooth and groom them into skiable shape. I have never seen the machine in action but I suspect a call to timberline would get the answer you want.

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There must be a machine as Okemo and some other resorts that have blue bump runs that are perfectly symetrical.
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I would suggest you go to www.okemo.com click on the "contact us" and ask them how they seed the moguls.

They have them on Sel's Choice and Black Out. They are letting the moguls on NorEaster form naturally. I happen to like the natural ones better.

I believe the Groomers make then with the Snow Cats
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I thought I remembered reading that Winter Park had some means of producing perfectly manicured mogul runs. Might be a good idea to check with them also.

There's gotta be something to do it. I know at Sugarloaf they were blowing snow like a crazy on a previously unopened trail and then BAM!---mogul comp the next day.
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They must have one of those machines at Wachusett (small local area in Mass.). There is a single section of one run that always has perfectly symmetrical (and rock hard) bumps. The bump section is about 5 bumps wide all the way from top to bottom. The bumps it makes are pretty rough but they are then smoothed into serviceable bumps by skier traffic.

I found a patent on a grooming machine which can make bumps.
The patent (US 6,351,899) discusses a machine as follows:

With the independent overhead grooming ability provided by the present invention, moguls can now be groomed or made as never before possible with any present rear-mounted tillers currently on the market. Because of the independent overhead position of the tillers, moguls in any kind of pattern, from small and easy to large and more difficult, can be created. The present invention has the ability to carve moguls in a connected series creating a mogul terrain for the satisfaction of beginning to expert skiers.

Below is the ridiculously long link to the page images:
http://patimg2.uspto.gov/.piw?docid=US006351899&SectionNum=1&IDKey=D65F85F8 267A&HomeUrl=http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2%2526Sect2=HITOFF%2526p=1%2526u=/n etahtm

I can email a PDF of the patent if anyone is interested (I work in patent and IP consulting). Just send me a private message with your email.


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We have an attachment for the cat at the area I teach at that does this. It's called a flex tiller and when used correctly, not easily done, it can work. It sets a pattern of moguls however with time they will reshape and move around. As I stated it takes a lot of skill to use and get it set up correctly.
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Saw them do this at Whiteface once. There was going to be a contest and there were no bumps, so they made them. Then it was suggested that we ski it to smooth them out.
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Moguls on skier tracked mogul slopes are almost never symetrical. I saw the Whiteface competion on TV this weekend and noticed how all the lines looked like they were made from a cookie cutter. The two jumps on the course were well manicured kickers. Always disliked the format of mogul competion the last two decades. They should do away with all the fake slopes and go back to just letting bump skiers pick a line within say 20 feet of center, getting air on ordinary bumps, and eliminating speed points. -dave
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I saw the mogul comp as well. I think they should leave the speed points in but change the weighting of the speed points. You could have people taking 40 seconds to complete their runs! I'm glad that they have at least changed the rules on the aerials allowing inverted moves.

I think the best mogul making machine is the U.S. Olympic mogul team!
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