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Snowbowl opens

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After the long wait, and a two day delay due to lack of snow at lower elevations, Montana Snowbowl will open for the 06/07 season this very day. Rest assured that when the lift opens I will be on one of the first couple chairs, as I am nearing ready to leave, though the lift opening isn't due 'til 10am.

From the reports there will be powder to be skied, dried out nicely by temps in the low teens overnight. To start, it will be just the upper mountain open, but they are saying that they may open some runs to the bottom before the end of the day.

The snotel page reports 35.5 inches up top, and the Snowbowl site claims 12 inches at the base.

I'll be posting a report later, with pics too, if I can get my camera to work.

And for those poor folks in the snowless realms, may big storms dump mighty piles of snow on you favorite venues, and your seasons comence post haste!
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And so it was that the steel junkie rode the first chair of Snowbowl's new season and made floaty powder turns, and the junkie felt the turns, and they were good. However the camera didn't decide it would work until a few hours had passed, so no pictures of the unspoiled beauty of virgin snow on the first lift ride of the year.

Only the terrain of the Lavalle chair (on top of the mountain) were open (pretty much intermediate stuff) so the bowls are mostly unskied (I expect a few poachers found their way into them). The snow was outstanding, near nothing was groomed, and aside from the rock damage to my beloved Chubbs, the day was fawkin' awsome! :

We're due to being on the receiving end of a considerable storm cycle, and The Bowl will likely remain closed until friday, so the second day will likely be better than the first.

I DID wear out after a scant 10,000 verticle, and struggled through and other couple runs, but all in all I was less fatigued on opening day than I was the previous two years.

I did get some pics, but they are not very awe inspiring. I'll post them later.
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Some non-awe-inspiring pics:

Trees with Point Six in the background

Looking over Missoula

Mugging for the camera

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Good stuff VA and with the current storms out west it should be VERY good when they re-open.
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Originally Posted by jgiddyup View Post
Good stuff VA and with the current storms out west it should be VERY good when they re-open.
Yipper, it could be, if the 7 inches currently forecast for thursday night comes through, The Bowl got another three inches while I was at work tonight bringing the summit total to 39 inches.

The important thing though is the very cold temps, making it possible to make snow in high traffic areas such as the Bowl Outrun. This is hugely important!!!!!
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