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Season passes and 2003-2004 trips?

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Do you have a season pass to one or more resorts?

Where will you be going on a trip this year?


I have a pass to Mammoth and will do about 15-20 days there.

We're also doing a January trip to Utah and probably an early April trip to Steamboat. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I have a season pass to Wintergreen, VA and will be taking trips to Snowshoe and Timberline, WV and to Nubs Nob and Boyne Mountain, MI. I might take a trip up to Searchmont, ON this winter depending on where the family plans to spend the holidays. I'm sure the other posts in this thread will make me green with jealousy...
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hopefully a 2 week trip from here to colorado the to utah then to california. spending 1 day at vail, 1 day at breck, 1-2 days at alta and/or snowbird, and finally 2-3 days at mammoth
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The season pass comes with the job.

I'll be at Killington for a week in December, and I'll probably ski a couple of times out in CO, one day at a time, because I have to go to Denver for business once in a while and a good friend just moved out there. No plans to take a week long trip out west, but you never know....
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$299 Midweek season pass for K-Mart.

Will also do a week at Tremblant with the family and a yet to be determined week of thrills and adventure with the big guys out west somewhere.
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Like John said.... the season pass comes with the job (we even work for the same corp.).

I'll be in Whistler March 6-13. Maybe Windham in the spring as well. I've got 4 spots left on my group package. I could use a single guy, and a single gal to round out my rooming list. Anyone insterested PM me for details.
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No pass

Do have a trip planned to Utah (Alta/Snowbird) though!
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Season pass at Bridger Bowl. Frequency card at Big Sky. All my travel will be by car to Jackson for the gathering and to a few of the small Montana ski areas I haven't skied yet (Maverick, Showdown & Snowbowl).
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I got a Silver Season Pass for Perfect North.

I'm also going out to Utah (The Park City Area) for 3-4 days of skiing. This will be my first time on a real mountain.
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I have a season's pass to Whistler/Blackcomb. I will visit a different resort every second weekend, where I arrange a free weekend pass.
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I have been buying up 4-packs Loveland, Copper, Winter Park,
Breck, A-basin Keystone,1 out of 4 for Vail. Kind of like the little packages of Kellogg's cereal need my variety.
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season pass at northstar and sierra at tahoe $209. will make the trip out to whistler before xmas and maybe mammoth during spring break! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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No season pass purchases planned. There's no place close to the Milwaukee area that has enough runs at a decent price worth limiting yourself to.

We always make at least one long weekend run up to Wausau and the UP each season.

We are planning a trip out to Summit County in early December and will be using the 4-Packs. Ended up buying a timeshare week from my neighbor at a great rate so we'll have 7 days of skiing/boarding.....Breck, A-Basin, Keystone, Beaver Creek, Copper and most likely Vail. Really looked forward to it.
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My lovely wife works at The Canyons; one of the big perks of her job is our family's seasons pass. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Ski trip? Maybe Steamboat; maybe Grand Targhee; maybe Jackson Hole.

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Season Pass, Timberline, WV, $250

Other local resorts I plan to hit if I can: Canaan Valley, White Grass, Wisp, Snowshoe, and 7 Springs.

Trips further afield:

Maybe a trip to Killington or Okemo in Dec.

Ischgl, St. Moritiz, Bormio or Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Jan-Feb time frame.

Hoping to ski 28 days. That's my modest, Mid-Atlanic goal, which will inevitably be dashed by warm weather, rain, and sun.
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season Pass at Schweitzer. trips down to Targee, and Utah. Also numerous Backcountry trips to locations that are less traveled.
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No pass, not much skiing in west florida unfortunately. I will be skiing four days at Zermatt for Thanksgiving, then a week a Val d'Isere in the middle of January. I will also be going somewhere out west in Feb or Mar. I'd like to try Whistler, but could end up at squaw, utah or I might visit my sis in Jackson....may even got home to montana. I have to see how long the leave and $$ last.
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Season pass to Alta/Snowbird

Day trips around the Wasatch.

Trips to Jackson Hole, Targee, Silverton, Sun Valley, Mad River Glen and the places in between.
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No pass, but 3 weeks in Switzerland
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No pass. Ten day trip to Aspen and Vail end of Feb/first week March. Celebrating the big 4-0.
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Season pass @ Tremblant and Whistler/Blackcomb.

I'll be out west @ w/b about a week a month from December to May, rest of the time doing weekends and Christmas/New Years @Tremblant
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I'm BAAAaaaaak,

Chester! I tried skiing while living in Ponce Inlet once . . . don't think the dune was big enough though . . . :

Sorry to all who aren't able to live close to good areas.

Colorado pass!! 319 chips. 10 days at Vail or the Beav (all to be sipped away and savoured slowly) Unlimited at A-basin, Keystone and Breck (stuff to guzzle!)

I know without a doubt the 10 days will be used. I'll try to hit the other three as much as possible. The basin is my favorite, no hoopla, no massage, no valet parking, just a serious bowl for serious skiing!! I'll try to pick up a few more clients in Summit to make it easier to hit nights at Keystone (if McCarthy hasn't slashed it all for this year!! What an excellent COO! ) or half days at the others . . .

btw . . . Anyone needing reasonable network and computer support from a honest and real engineer (EE) that has been around real networks (5 year CSA of 850 clients/75 servers)??? . . PM me for my client list here in Evergreen/Genesee. I'll work for snow!!. . .

. . . but not for sand Chester. . . I'm really sorry man, Florida's great and floatin' down Santa Rosa can be nice . . . but the snows a'comin!!!!

Anyway, Good to see you're still here Chester and hope to see the rest of the old timers, Alta, Ott, Gonzo, Lars . . . and especially Bob B. I really enjoyed reading your post on boot flex.

Oh, and sorry about the plug. I still have five kids to keep skiing and the closer I get to Summit, the more affordable it is!!

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Oh, . . and Beta, and Rio, and JohnH . . etc. etc. etc.
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Season pass at Alpental (Summit @ Snoqualmie) near Seattle.

Christmas & New Year's at Les Trois Valles and will try to take a couple of ski trips over winter - one to Mt Ashland and another to Salt Lake City or Jackson Hole.
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Season pass at Heavenly. a mid. season trip to Vail or Breck. NZ next summer
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Well, it's this way. There are a couple of dozen ski areas where skiing for us folks over 70 years old is free, and since we are retired and travel in a 28ft 5th wheel trailer with all the conveniences pulled by a 4x4 3/4 ton Dodge with a Cummins Turbo Diesel, we go where the snow is great and the skiing is FREE.

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Season pass to Winter Park/Copper Mtn. No plans for any trips.
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My family and I have season passes at Bogus Basin and we do most of our skiing there. I had the good fortune of living in Colorado, Utah, and Montana before moving to Idaho a few years ago. I have skied most of the resorts in those states. I hope to keep adding a new ski area or two to my list each year. I have never been to Jackson Hole. With the gathering, maybe this is the year.

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Season pass at Jackson Hole.

I'll spend quite a few days in Utah this winter and also plan to ski Big Sky, Bridger, and Red Lodge before the season is over. My wife has never skied Sun Valley, so we may bop over there for a day or two.

Last but not least, if it snows a whole bunch in Colorado, I'm going to Aspen next May to ski Independence Pass after they open the highway. Anybody interested in making it a party?

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No pass, but ski mostly on discount pro letters from my coaching buddies.

Going to Verbier, Switzerland for 10 days in early Feb. First time skiing in Europe - really looking forward to it!

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