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Happy BushwackerDay!

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BushwackerPA, the day is yours.
Keep smiling, no matter what you do on your Birthday!!!
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You should be skiing today..not riding!

BTW, those other shims will be out in the mail tomorrow.
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Happy Birthday Josh.

I think it is great how much you have accomplished in your skiing and teaching in the last few years.: You have much to be proud of.
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Happy B-day, Bushwacker. When are you headed to
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Hey kid! Yinz quit jaggin aroun an git ski'in.
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Hope you got a chance to whack some bush on your special day!
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So, Bush!
What'd ya do today!?
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Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
So, Bush!
What'd ya do today!?
short answer 26 miles FAST paced mountain bike ride solo jamming out to my iPod. Then dinner with some of my ski buddies from Hidden Valley. Chill night tons of laughs a few sad faces, overalll smiles and laughter though. HVC(Hidden Valley Crew) will not be the same.

So yep wacked some bush biking, I am gooin kwuit jaggin aroun sn go ski'in.(toms pittsburgheses is excellent).

Colorado and Utah will be bushwacked in 4 days and 8 days respectively.
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Way to go on Major Taylor's birthday!
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Happy b-day Josh, see you in a few weeks...
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Here you go BW a special treat for your birthday, it's twins!

Just for you bro
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Bump!  Since tomorrows a holiday where many will be offline let's light this candle early this year.

Happy Birthday Josh!
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 thanks charles I just got home at 4 am fun 4 hours so far!!!
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 Happy Birthday Josh!
See you in a few weeks!
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Happy happy bday B.Wipa!
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 Josh, did you know you share a birthday with Tina Turner?

If you say "Tina Who" I'm going to have to slap you.

*psst, she's 70 today.  Wow, she's incredible.
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Happy birthday, Josh.
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Happy Birthday Josh. Hope we get the chance to ski some again this year.
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Happy b-day Josh.
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Cheers Josh!  Many happy turns ahead!
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Happy Day & many more!!!!

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Happy Birthday!
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Hey Josh Happy Birthday, never mind about Tina Turner you share a Birthday with Granny Gert. We toasted to you health, sacrificed a turkey and did a snow dance.

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Happy birthday!  I sort of like it when it when mine falls on Thanksgiving (missed it by a day this year.)   don't go and grow up on us!
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Happy birthday Josh.  Looks like there are a bunch of us with November birthdays.
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Hey, Josh and Cirque...

Happy belated to both of you!

Time marches on!
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Belated greetings, Josh. Will I see you at Hidden Valley again this season? Keep the weekend after Presidents open for the Blue Knob gathering. I know skiing in PA sucks but BK sucks least when there is snow.
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