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I have just bought a double Sportube, and on reading the instructions, it says that the Sportube can also be used,to store the ski's and poles when not in use. Will having the ski's brakes retracted for a prolonged period do any damage?:

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Good question!

I acually have the single tube and will be buying a double this season.

That said, I have my skis lined up against my bookshelf, with the brakes in normal standing postion.
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I don't believe there is any harm in keeping the brakes retracted. (Assuming you don't keep skis more than a few years!)

What you really need to do is make sure the skis are bone dry before storing them, and that the inside of the tube or bag is thoroughly dry as well.
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Thanks, that makes sense, I suppose the brakes are really only there to stop the ski's wandering off when you go head first into the snow! Which happened a lot my last time on the piste, but then if you don't fall over you are skiing within your comfort zone, or something like that.
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I wouldn't worry about the brakes, but as NE1 says, keeping the skis dry would be more of a concern - you need to keep air circulating around them to prevent moisture build up.

...also, if your skis are in there and it's a squeeze - i.e. they are tight against the walls of the tube, you will be flatening them a bit, which isn't so good.
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