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Hello everyone!

I'm starting to ski again , and so I would like a recommendation on what skis I should consider buying.

I'm 22 years old, 165 lbs, 5' 7.5" (170cm) and pretty athletic/strong, especially lowerbody. I started skiing when I was 12, and skiied appox. 6-10 times a season at local Mid-Atlantic places such as: Whitetail, Ski Liberty, Snowshoe, Timberline, Jack Frost, etc. until I was 18. Each season also ended with a week long ski trip to Killington (I've been enough times that I had most of the mountain memorized). While I was in college, every winter 'something' seemed to come up that prevented me from hitting the slopes.. so I would say right now I am a "rusty intermediate (or advanced beginner)" at best as I've not skied in 4 years.

My technique is pretty poor, or mediocre at best; definately a "tons of guts/confidence lacking techique/control" skier. I only took one 'lesson' (my frist time when I was 12) where I was shown to go down the bunny slope in a wedge, and that was about it. Most of my technique has been taught by friends (who aren't experts thembselves) or picked up by myself through experiments. I'm very confident in my ability though, and was able to ski "the slow line fast" on most non-bumpy blue-black-2xblack slopes. (If you are familiar with Killington, my favorite run was the top half of Superstar then going into Ovation). My carving is pretty shoddy. My skis tips would often cross or bang into each other momentarily, however I rarely fell when skiing. I definately am more of a "diagnol line, skid, diagnol line" type skier than a carver (and this is something I'd like to change!).

So, I would like to get better, and learn how to ski correctly, and I would like a pair of skiis that will enable me to do that. The caveat is, that I now live in Japan, so getting lessons will be pretty interesting at best. My selection of skis is a also a little more limited.

The Izod 9:7m seem to get great reviews (thanks to all who did review them!), but many claim them to be a bit too advanced for someone like myself. They're also a bit out of my price range here, as none of the local ski or sport shops have package deals for the 9:7m.

However, I can get a pair of Izod 7:5m, Atomic poles, Kastle Boots, and Atomic 4tix 412 bindings for $457 (converting from yen to usd). The same deal with the Izod 5:3m would be only 30$ cheaper.

I always used skis that were about 10cm shorter than me (someone told me long ago that the "V" should come upto my chin, and I've followed that advice since; with no idea if it's valid or not). The 159's fit that metric perfectly. Would this be a good size, or should I look into the 150's or 168's?

My goals are to become a confident, techincally sound skier would can tackle/attack a slope with nice bold carving lines rather than my "skid diagnol skid" lines. I would like to learn howto do moguls/bumps at some point as well. I'd also like to become better at tree and ungroomed trail sking (I've done a few, but nothing difficult). I'm not interested in racing, or going bat-out-of-hell fast... but some good speed every-so-often would be nice .

So, any tips on size/selection/price/length/etc would be greatly appreciated! Sorry for writing a long post, but I wanted to give information so that you wouldn't have to ask for it.