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Ski Pant Recommendations - Need Help

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I'm looking for a pair of waterproof and breathable ski/snowboard pants. I do a lot of hiking and in-bounds resort stuff, tons of moguls, very high intensity, very sweaty, skiing and riding. I do most of my stuff in the east coast and it's cold hot, maybe some rain, lots of hiking and a ton of bumps. I do about 10 days out west every year and we do a lot of hiking and backcountry stuff.

Features I want:

* Goretex or other breathable material that won't wash off
* Loose style but not too "hip hop"
* Vents for all my hiking, mogul runs, etc
* No insulation
* Hard shell (not soft) preferred.

I've been looking at Patagoina Rubicon and Primo pant and Cloudveil RPK pant. Burton pants are too huge for me. The Patagonia pants use a unique breathable system which I believe can be washed off (please correct me if I am wrong). The Patatonias make you order a size "34" waist which seems a little too specific for a pair of ski pants. I like a little more flexibility with my ski pants so they'll last over years and years (weight up and down a few #) plus the ability to add serious layers for an east coast deep freeze.

I've always been a fan of Goretex because it's a fabric and can not wash off. Can somebody explain to me the difference between the various waterproof protection schemes? DWR? H2No? All that proprietary "finish" stuff kind of scares me because it'll just rub off after a year. I can't say how many times I've lost breathability with the Patagonia stuff because of these fabrics.

I suppose I'd like to keep the spending under 3 bills.

If anybody can recommend any good ski pants to consider, I'd definitely appreciate it.

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Not a ski pant or hardshell, but you could look into some NorthFace climbing pants. I own a pair of these:


Which I use for hiking, climbing, and skiing. Always dry and warm, and I rarely wear anything else underneath them when using them for climbing/hiking. They're double-layered Gortex, however the "waxy coating" that makes water bead does wear off. Hanging them up and spraying them a few times with whatever-brand does the trick though.
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thanks for the recommendation but I'm definitely looking for a pair of pants that have zips down the thigh/crotch in order to dump heat on my climbs.
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anyway i just picked up the Cloudveil RPK pants at a local shop. They seem sweet.
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arcteryx minuteman (expensive, but an excellent pant)
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I've been using the Cloudveil Koven pant for in bounds skiing and 9+ mile backcountry hut trips...just what your describing and works great. Arc'Teryx makes a similar pant.
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I have a pair of TNF (uninsulated) Freedom pants, although they're made of that Hyvent stuff, it is comparable to Gore-Tex. They have side vents on the sides and fit like a pair of loose jeans, not baggy, comfy. I got them for $90 at ems.com last year.
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Originally Posted by skierecs7 View Post
arcteryx minuteman (expensive, but an excellent pant)
Second on the teradactyl pants. I've had a pair for three years now and they are near bulletproof and comfortable. gordo
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Eider Condormax. Goretex XCR, full side zip, no isulation, optional suspenders. Totally fuggin' bomber.
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I just pulled the trigger on some ArcTeryx Stingray pants. I love the softer shell feel versus the hard shell Minuteman pants. I tried the minuteman pants and they felt like I was wearing cardboard. Yes, I'm sure you could go swimming in them and still be dry, but I was willing to sacrifice a marginal amount of water resistance for comfort and warmth. I figure I can get by with only light thermals underneath. The stingrays are a more relaxed fit but aren't ghetto fabulous by any means. Take a look at them if the minuteman pants don't feel right.
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