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Reflections on Lake Louise

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1) I forgot how nice it is to have WC racing on TV. I taped it, climbed the hill for a couple of runs and came home to kill a bottle of wine and some turkey in front of the tube. Perfect evening.

2) Bode looked like Bode, some turns to die for, with a fatal mistake. They said he was in the gym and has "six pack abs to die for", so maybe he is actually working at it again.

3) Atomic skis sucked, Rossignols ran great. How's that for a change of pace? Heads looked like they were flappy, until Marco Bueckel turned in his "unglaublich" run to win.

4) Several young Canadians showed some real gliding touch, and Osborn-Paradise was loose and really letting the skis run for his second place. The Americans were fantastic in training but didn't have it race day. On to Beaver Creek.

5) The first split came after two turns and showed huge time gaps. I think they all need to work on their skating.
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About Atomic... My experience racing with Atomic has shown that their performance leaves to desire on soft snow and bumpy courses. Thats my personal opinion but a conversation this summer with good ol Michael W confirmed that under really soft conditoins Atomics are difficult to steer. Just like Benni Raich said after his run. Rossi's are much more suited for these kind of conditions.

Impressed by the Canadians! some good performances at home. The americans did exacly what I thought they would do... And the Austrians seemed to have picked the wrong wax or something haha...
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I watched the race live and it should be mentioned it was unusually cold at LL for this time of year, -2F during the race. BM has switched to Head from Atomic...we shall's a long season. The female commentator gushing about his abs sounded really stupid.
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Karen Lee Gartner is not a person who should be commenting ski races I agree... If anyone gets the chance watch it on a german station, learn german and be in aw of their short, smart commentaries.
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Originally Posted by newfydog View Post
1Heads looked like they were flappy, until Marco Bueckel turned in his "unglaublich" run to win.
Heads were 1-4 5- 7-8, so even if they flapped, they had some good glide. Guess I spoke too soon.

Sorry to mention Bode's ab's but he really was a bit fat last year. Of course, I don't think 3rd in the world cup is that bad of a season.
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Congrats to the Canadian racers,,, the team had a great day. The US guys looked like crap across the board. Very static and stiff,,, just holding on,,, not clean, loose and looking for speed. I didn't expect Bode to magically learn to ski slalom again (understatement), but I expected to see more from him today. Seemed to have poor balance and feel for the edge and snow. He's skiing like a kid that grew a foot over the summer.
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Many of the top guys looked very uncomfortable and the fact that it was bitterly cold probably didn't help with the ski choice and the confidence. All and all, Beaver Creek probably will be a better gauge for things to come. It also seemed that many of the racers between bib 10 and 25 had poor visibility: the sky was very dark and there wasn't a lot of shadows.

A round of applause to Buechel, for being the oldest man to win a WC race at 35 and 20 days, but also to the young Many and Fill, from whom such stellar performances are a nice surprise. Kucera also had a great finish at 14th and with him winning the GS National Champs, it looks like he is starting to blossom into a great all arounder (except for Slalom, we Canandians cannot ski Slalom any good if we only ENTER in a WC Super-G, let alone a Dowhnill).

Erik has said that he is not yet confident on his skis and Frank, well, dowhill isn't his discipline and Lake Louise demands finesse. Super-G, tomorrow, will be fun. Can't wait.

PS: Sarah Lee Gartner isn't very good at what she is doing, but she is miles ahead of the French guy who does the commentary for Radio Canada.
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Originally Posted by BillyRay View Post
A round of applause to Buechel, for being the oldest man to win a WC race at 35 and 20 days, but also to the young Many and Fill, from whom such stellar performances are a nice surprise.
Ditto. And I thought Fill looked terrific. Better than Buechel, who skied well, but I believe was also aided by being a big guy on a relatively flat course.
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Hey, at least we had a bunch of skiers from the AMERICAN continent scoring good points
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Yeah, I'm absolutely stoked with Kucera's performance (spoilers below)

Him winning that Super-G was an amazing feeling. Erik also had a great performance, and his brother, who is still very young, finished in the top-30. Maier finishing 4th was also sweetly ironic when you think about the Turino's GS... I'm a bit disapointed with Fran├žois finish, but it was basically a Dowhill with a turnier section at Coaches corner and Fall-Away, meaning that it is far from his favourite setups. Courses gotta turn for Frank to excel!
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Top 15 for Bode in the SG and Nyman's best ever SG result and his third best DH. Why put them down? It's not easy. Let's see YOU do better.
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Great weekend for the young Canadians!
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Kudos to the young gun Canucks ! Kucera was amazing and Osborne -Paradis looked in mid-season form .

Our guys looked flat --so much for six-gun abs
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At least Bode looked much more comfortable today than he did yesterday. Maybe Head ran slow today, since Buechel also had a hard time on the last part of the course, while he had a pretty good top and middle. Only Cuche on Head was 9th, and the big guy skied a very good run: he also seems a lot more relaxed and fun than the past two years. He started doing again that thing with his skis (flips them when the binding is loose), while last year he would just curse arriving at the bottom...

Overall, this bodes well for the season. A lot of younger guys are coming up, and from different nations for a change (swedes, frenchmen, swiss... instead of only austrians). Should keep the old guard guessing and pushing themselves.

Can't wait for the tech events next week.
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Regarding Bode Miller and speed events, I understand that for the last two years he and Daron Rahlves shared the ski tech who used to work with Stephan Eberharter and got something close to the pick of the litter of Atomic speed skis. (I'm told that Eberharter, who was something of an outsider on the Austrian team, and who self-reported that he only got good skis after Hermann Maier got hurt, was somewhat instrumental in sending his ski tech to Daron Rahlves--who he liked--upon retirement.)

A great ski technician and fast skis are important in speed events, and I suspect that Bode may have more difficulty in speed events this year than he did the last two. And the top SIX places in Super-G all went to Atomic skis. (But then, as someone else pointed out, Head skis did pretty well the day before in the downhill.) On the other hand, there were four US guys in the top 30 of the downhill, and Bode Miller beat out Benni Raich.

Extreme cold also has a negative impact on balance skills. (There have been tests showing a decline of balance skills when you have cold feet.) Since Bode Miller relies so heavily upon superior balance and a feel for the snow, it's possible that the cold impacted his performance more than some other skiers. (The downhill results certainly had a lot of surprises.)

I think we're in for an interesting, exciting year, and it was pretty cool to see some new faces on the podium. (I've got knee scars that are almost twice as old as Manuel Osborne-Paradis and John Kucera... )
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Congratulations Marco Buchel!

What a week-end at Lake Louise! Congratulations Marcus Buchel - oldest WC DH winner ever at 35! Congrats also to Canadians Osborne-Paradis on his 2nd place finish and John Kucera on winning the Super G. Go Canada!

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