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Recreational gate skiing

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Are there any higher speed & more turny alternatives to NASTAR for recreational skiing?

I am mostly self-taught and, at 31, not aiming for any future sporting achievements, but I find skiing gates at steeper angles and relatively tight turns exhilarating. The chances to do that have been random and rare for me, though.

So far, I've heard about the Masters, but I've never actually seen a course (or probably I have, but didn't know it was Masters) and I'm not sure whether it's what I am looking for - and if it is realistic for my level. How do people train who ski the Masters?
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Not sure about out East, but around here there is:

NASTAR - 15-30 second runs, pretty flat, ski at will.

Teamski/Business/Beer Leagues - a little more than NASTAR, still almost-GS, longer runs and sometimes stiff competition. 25-40 second runs, on easy blue runs. Usually kills a half a day, not counting beer after.

Masters - Runs are 2-3 times as long as NASTAR, way fun. You can ski as fast as your skills allow. You also get the option to run slalom, SG and DH in addition to GS. This is pretty serious, and usually is followed by big dents to your checkbook for gear. Most areas around here have a training program for Masters racers (but open to anyone), with different disciplines on different days. Kills a full day+ for a race.

They're all fun, and worth trying. You'll run into all levels at all of them. Heck, if you can, sign up for all of them for a season . Be prepared, it gets addictive...

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PLenty of Masters races and training here. Every Wed and Sat is a training day and races on Thur. Occassional weekend series.

Generally, a Masters course is turnier and slower than a true FIS set for elite racers (which I prefer to train on).
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Check out USSA.org under Masters for a program near you. You can also contact race clubs at the various resorts and see what racing is available to you.
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USSA.org ---> Masters. All levels of abilities and plenty of fun.
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