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Ogasaka info?

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After some interesting reviews in Ski Canada, got curious about Ogasaka's, searched here, nothing recent. Googled them, found a humorously translated factory site, with phone for U.S. distributor, and no ads from any stores in North America. Anyone know how you actually find out more info/specs about them, let alone demo or buy them?
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They are not widely distributed. Good luck finding some to demo. I ski the Keos GT model and like it a lot. An Ogasaka rep got them for the Copper demo team so I got a chance to try them. Firm but not punishing; great carve; decent in chopped-up stuff. Similar feel to a Fischer RX 8 or RX 9.

Try posting an e-mail query to the U.S. rep on the Ogasaka website. Good luck!
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They are a bit more visible in MA than elsewhere, which is how I happened to score mine.

For the 2005 EC-R the RX 9 comparison is very apt, except imagine an RX9 built by Stockli, with a solid wood core feel and insanely fast bases. Granted, a bit of the stiffness in bumps comes from the R614/RaceXcharger combo I have on mine, but they are an absolute zooming hoot everywhere else. They'd probably make a superb starter-NASTAR ski though you'd want to change the stock 1/1 angles to 1/3 or similar.

I would love to get my hands on some of the Ogasaka factory plates. Particularly If I could do it for less than special-ordered-from-Japan prices.
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Go to www.ogasakaski.com and hit the "About Us" header. The U.S. rep contact info is there. They're extremely well made skis. No shortcuts in the manufacture.
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