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Just wondering when and how many times you get yours skis waxed? Also state where you ski mostly and how many times a year you ski.
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Usually wax after three days of skiing. Mostly mid-atlantic. Averaging ten days/year over last three winters.
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Every 1-2 days, and before & after every race. Midwest, 50+ days/year for the last 4 years.
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About every 3 days. I ski in the Northwest and sometimes in the Rockies. I wax myself with an iron and universal wax.

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Funny you should ask. I used to wax every 2 or 3 days. But then I started to wonder if it really made a difference for recreational skiing in cold temps. I've been skiing for 7 days straight without any wax and I'd say that my skis seem to be performing the same as they did with wax. I ski in the PNW.

NOTE: Wax makes a big difference in spring conditions.
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Every two to three days. Northern Rockies. 75 days a year.
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Originally Posted by SoftSnowGuy View Post
I wax myself with an iron and universal wax.
I tend to wax my skis, myself, but every once in a while I will find myself waxing eloquent. Not very often, though.

This is my first season here with my own skies (southcentral Alaska), so I plan on doing the waxing myself at least weekly, and skiing 2-3 times per week.

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