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What do you do?

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What do you do when it's 60 degrees and sunny on the Saturday after Thanksgiving? I got 18 holes in today. Was too warm to go hunting. Hunted all week in warm sunny conditions. No snow to ski or hunt.

Not your typical WNY weather. The next 7 days call for above normal warmth and below normal precipitation. We won't be skiing here till the middle of December at the earliest.
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Ran some errands. Picked up after T'day. Put the Xmas tree up. Watched college football (which I normally never do but I just felt like it this year). Oh, and I checked the short, medium, and long range forcast about 27 times. No sign of snowmaking weather for at least a week. No chance of opening 12/2; I bet even 12/9 is doubtful. I think I'm going to have to put skiing out of my mind til at least 12/16. I'm still doing Sharpen Your Edges ski fitness training two or three days a week though.
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What do u do

You come to Killington
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well, considering its always 60 and sunny in Houston after thanksgiving; i usually look for snowstorms amd the nearest webcam to it. you cant ski year around anyways, but can still enjoy the view.
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I had a mountain bike race last weekend (26 miles of beautiful woods with a layer of snow on the ground). Raced my single speed to boot!

I will ride the trails this weekend as well, probably a couple of hours each day. I am more than ready for ski season, but I am very fortunate to be able to ride until the cold weather and the snow decides to arrive.

In western Canada they are in a deep freeze, while here we have it as mild as ever. Even Tremblant and Mont-Saint-Anne are struggling with this ridiculous weather. BTW, last year, my first day on snow was Nov 24 - at my local hill.
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This weather is just plain bad, unless you like warm weather.
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I played golf yesterday also.....
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take the 4 yo to the playground and chase him around.

Luckily this weather has come just as I was breaking ground on a foundation so it's welcome in that respect.

Also, the grass is still growing - amazing for so close to Dec 1. No global warming my butt!

But in a perfect world cold weather and snow would exist a few hours drive away so I could day trip, ski and come home to nice weather. But alas, I don't live in California.
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Today, it was at least 70 here. Rode my bike for 2 1/2 hours and then put Christmas lights up- hard to get in the holiday mood when it is this warm outside.
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70 something here in Erie. The long term forecast looks terrible until mid December as far as snow goes. PeakNPeak won't be opening any time soon thats for sure. The good news is often forecasts change on a dime(especially for the snow belt through NY) so who knows. As it stands now though it doesnt look like anything here will be opening until at least mid to late December.:
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It was in the low 50's here. Good day for a long run so I did 12 miles. Overall a good run with 3 climbs of between 1/2 and 1 mile each.
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Did some tin can hunting with a .22 and then rode the trials bike around for a while.
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Got up and checked the weather forecast.
Went to the eye doc for an exam.
Got the car washed.
Stopped at Motor vehicle, they were closed.
Went home and checked the weather forecast.
Went to the ski shop to look for a new pair of goggles, didn’t find anything I liked.
Got gas in the car.
Went home and checked the weather forecast.
Put on some Christmas music and helped wife put up the tree and decorations.
Checked the Belleayre and Hunter web sites, not looking so good
Checked out Epic.
Checked the weather again
Worked out while watching License to Thrill
Back on Epic
Watch James Bond
Check weather
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prepped the XC skis, put more wax into the new skate skis;

got the summer wax off most of the alpine skis, and watched it snow in the Bridgers.

It's the best way to ski if you can't ski.
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little over 3 hours on the road bike today.... nice cycling weather

watched college football

walked the dog

had dinner

watched more football
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Just because I am evil

went to the first ski shop to pick up my one pair of skis after waxing and a sharpen from the 1.5 days of use. Ready for the road trip.

Went to the second ski shop and picked up my other skis that had 1/2 mountain day and 3 hours at local hill on them them plus 2 moutain days from last year. DOH ! Another $38 repair bill.

shoveled a nice dusting of snow around the house.

Arranged a two day trip to Kicking Horse with some buds ($138 CAN for two nights and two lift tickets ) for some of their 338 cm received to date.

tweaked my new liners for my Lange Pinnafarina's

watched a movie. Ahhh a nice day
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It was a beautiful sunny day here. We took the dogs for a 3 mile hike through the neighborhood hills today overlooking folsom Lake and the Sierra Nevada Mountains (no snow). Later, we went to some of the local wineries in El Dorado County for wine tasting and also tried some fancy olive oils at Gold Hill. We live in a great place. Best of all, after we hopefully have December and January storms, the lower elevations will experience spring in Mid February. Still, I guess I could have gone to ski on the Kirkwood white ribbon on Chair 5. Just not quite worth it yet.
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you don't want to hear about my day. It was really cold, and a bit deep for my early season form.
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My Day

Ditto. You don't want to hear about my day.

Drove up to the Montana/Idaho Border, Lookout Mt. and skied from 0835 to 1545, 56 in base with 10 in of fluff on top. Longest lift line was 4 min. and the beer at the end of the day was exceptionally good. Used my season pass which cost me 79 dollars. Sorry everyone but that was the best snow I have ever skied on thanksgiving weekend. Does it get any better than thisl
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Nice to here someone local has made it out... Iv been trying to get to LookOut myself... maybe Monday. Thankfully it was snowing Thanksgiving and the day after. Thanksgiving eve was rather warm though, close to 50. Still found some snow though; it had to have been 3+ weeks old.

Hyalite Canyon - Bozeman MT

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Hey Lars, it looks like Friday will chill down and with the arctic clipper coming out of canada and Erie being as warm as it is they say the lake effect machine will be working over time. Friday high of 30 Saturday and sunday all the same. Atleast it will be getting cold.
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I didn't do much, put new brake pads on one of my cars. Then I sold the car. Heard the news that snow is on the way. Found out that my local resort would be opening the first of dec. Took the first of dec off.
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Damn! You people are good and motivated.

I think I ate a half gallon of mint chip ice cream and watched entirely too much Food Network and Lifetime Original Movies For Women.

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Trout are still biting.
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skied fri thru bellearye ...yes it was snow...yes it was white ...yes it was warm enough to wear shorts today and yesterday....only skied for an hr sunday and was it was warmer than 4/9 "the last day of season"
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Drove to E-Ville and looked at the grass. They had a small rail jam going though on some snow they made. It was keeping the park skiers happy!

Looks like things may change by the end of this week though. Maybe we will be out there by the 8th or 9th.

A little better than the middle.
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Sorry guys, I went skiing and got face shots.
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guess where I was

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Sat in a tree stand waiting for Bambi !!!!
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