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Euro winter is sucking - big time..

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Great to hear that the US seems to be getting some good dumps. Winter in Europe is a catastrophy so far. Very cold beginning of January but no dumps. Now it's very warm 15-20°C - that's freaking 66°F - and raining.

The southern Alps don't have any snow at all. Chamonix must be hiking only - no skiing. Zermatt only has the glacier open and a track down into the village on artificial snow - grass on both sides of the white tongue...
Northern Alps still have some snow left from the dumps around Xmas - but very old snow and no base at all. 20" total max. It's sooo sad. Only Austria seems to be getting some small dumps of fluffy in the very high altitudes.

Do some pow for me! Tx
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Hi global-segler, The Eastern and Midwestern states here in the U.S. are much in the same boat. The Great Lakes are not going to freeze this Winter and the southern breezes kept the temperatures around here in the 50-70 degree marks for more than a week and it is raining today. In Washington the cherry trees have started to bloom, two month early.

Skiing in Copper, Colorado last week, we had some cold weather but just a dusting of new snow and the base is not all that deep, 20-30 inches, with some bare spots coming through, but good skiing nevertheless.

The whole weather pattern is changing and you can expect the palm trees form the Insel Mainau to spread well into the alps :

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by global-soaring:
...Chamonix must be hiking only - no skiing...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

If Cham's in such terrible shape, what's this stuff that Tom was skiing at Cham the day before yesterday? Looks as good as Alta to me, and I live 18 minutes from Alta-bird.

<A HREF="http://uk.geocities.com/tgreenall/six.html" TARGET=_blank>
Tom's Chamonix Pow Pics</A>
<A HREF="http://uk.geocities.com/tgreenall/seven.html" TARGET=_blank>
Tom's Scary Ski Pics</A>
I'll be there next month--I think we'll have plenty more of this by then... [img]smile.gif[/img]
Today's fortune: "You will be mesmerized by banjos"

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Tom's pics look to be taken on the Valle Blanche. Pow up on the Valle Blanche doesn't necessarily translate to pow on pistes at the Grand Montet.

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1 We're only half way through the winter.
2 The past is no guide to the future.
3 Huge quantities of snow can fall in Feb and March, let alone April. It happens winter after winter.

What else is there to say?
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It's looking better already .....

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Good positive thinking from the brits - I like it. We also beat India in the 1 dayer today so things really are looking up.

Failing that, perhaps the Indians & Pakistanis will invoke a nuclear winter then we'll have year round skiing!
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I look at those snow-forecast.com everyday and I've come to the conclusion that you can only trust the three day forecast. Promised snow often doesn't appear. Shame
Also I logged on in a cyber-cafe in Val d'Isere last year to check it while I had first hand experience of the weather and it was hopelessly wrong.
Predicted three day forecast was one and half meters of snow... actual dump only half a meter.
Didn't hear many complaints though...
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In December I was skiing Austria with temps as low as -25 Deg C. But now most Austrian resorts are melting away. My local hill has reduced from 300cm to 120cm in the last couple of weeks.

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