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Dynastar Flame Tipped 4x4

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What's the deal with these "old" skis?

I stumbled upon a pair of Dynastar flame tipped 4x4's.

Over at TGR they list "Dynastar Flame Bigs/Arnos as being a "classic" ski.

Are the 4x4's the same ski?
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Similar skis. I had the 4x4 Outland (my first shaped ski - I resisted change) with the flame tips and tails, and if I had to guess I had those about 7 years ago (probably more, hard to remember) and these were out before the Bigs. I'd say that calling them "classics" would be pretty much comperable to calling K2 Four's classics. While they may not truly be classics, but they would qualify as classic shaped skis.
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I got 4X4 powertracs in 1999 and still use them sometimes. nice ski. They had a ATV and Big as the other two 4X4 models....With Flames!
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A 4X4 could be.......

4X4 Outland.......Gen 1
4X4 Powertrac....Gen 2
4X4 Big.............Gen 2.5.......These could be considered classics by some.

And 4X4 ATV versions from the same generations.......

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Yeah, those 4x4 "Big" with the swallowish notch in the tail and the 80mm waist are somewhat still ski-able classics (I think that's them)...in the vein that Volkl Snowrangers are classics...you know, the old "powder" skis that are really stiff, shapeless crud and corn extraordinaires (tolerables is more like it).

Which ones did you stumble on?? I totally wanted those atvs in about 1996...ended up getting Viper Zs then Merlin IVs though :
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I'm trying to figure out which ones I stumbled upon. i probably should have borrowed a pen or taken a snappy with my phone (except i didn't have my phone with me!)

White, flames at the tips and 4X4 on the tail. Square tail, no swallow. I believe they were a 186. Dude offered 'em to me for $150 (they are new). I gravitated towards them in the shop because they were on the TGR list of "recommended classics" (bigs and arnos were the ones Marshalolson hyped) and I've seen a few old schoolers here with them in their out-of-hand-quivers.

i think they looked most like these: http://www.skireviews.co.uk/en/dynas...al-review.html

the shop also had some of these: http://www.skireviews.co.uk/en/dynas...no-review.html

and a grip of narrow (and ancient) PRE models.
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Pic #1 is the powertrac graphic but on a lightweight flat ski. The powertrac was a beefy ski. This vertical was IIRC a Gen 1 chassis with a gen 2 graphic.

Pic #2 is a Cross 66, a very heavy duty SOY model that is a high speed carver.

The True Arno pro model was a 4X4 big in 188 or 194 with various dragon graphics.

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sounds like i'll have to do some more intel and recon on/at this shop...
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I bet they were the Powertracs. The Bigs had a slight notch/swallow to them (I owned the 188's for a season). The Powertracs were a fun midfat (somewhat stiff to me) for that point in early days of "mid-fats". They had a pintail like other Dynastars from that genre and were great at straightlining crud since the tail wouldn't really hook-up.

They are a fun ski, but with all the refinement since then, I'd stay that there is a lot better skis to spend $150 on. Also the Powertracs were ~70-mm in the waist and the Bigs were 80-mm in the 188 and ~85-mm in the 194.
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yeah, these were 186cm.

i'm prolly not gonna throw down on them (I already have too many skis), but was just looking around and seeing if any of the "classic" skis a la TGR's recommended list could be found.
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I've got a pair of flame tip swallow tail 4x4 bigs, very good condition, 186 I think. They have a wonderful Tyrolia binding. I put them out at the ski swap for $150, and they were the only thing that didn't sell.
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Hit up Marshalolson over at TGR.

I know he's interested in some 4X4 Bigs if the price is right.
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