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Race Ski Help Needed!!

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Well not really help, more some feedback.

Tomorrow I'm hitting the big fat WROD at Kirkwood and I thought it would be fun to jump on the GS skis I picked up at a ski swap for the axial 140s.

So has anyone skied the Rossignol 9x Pro Course. I think it's a GS ski...it's got a 21m radius. They're the 184s, all yellow, probably 4 or 5 years old. For someone who has only skied 85mm + waist "freeride" skis for the past year are these go to pw3n me?? Am I going to get launched to where my feet fly over my head. They're stiff but they don't feel too stiff and edges seem clean and sharp.

So what can I expect?? Is there anything I need to do different so I don't kill myself or tear an acl :
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Well, I'm not much of a jumper, but I remember these skis as being freakishly thin at the waist (62-63?): maybe not the perfect ski to land a big jump. Also, if they are the yellow (bright) ones, don't worry, they won't be that hard to ski. GSes were meant to be skiied a bit longer back then.
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No jumping with these Billy Ray...when I said "jump on the GS skis" I simply meant ski them..and the getting launched part is referring to the rebound that may or may not accidentally cause my feet to end up over my head

Thanks for the "not too hard to ski" feedback...just what I'm looking for...and yeah, they seem to be about 62 or 63mm at the waist.
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