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Help me find my pants

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I am currently stuck in the Midwest. The only store that's any good doesn't have the piece I want in my size/color. I have bought a Spyder McKinley Jacket in Graphite/Nickel I am looking for a pair of ski pants to complement. I really like 686 Smarty complete but as they are boarder pants, they don't have the inside leg proctection. I am concerned that the inside edges are going to fray after a few months of skiing. I'd hate to spend $250 on pants and then have them look like garbage after a month or so. Is this a valid concern or am I being overly cautious. If these aren't a good ski pant - the second part follows for help with a recomendation.

I'm a bigger guy - 6'1" 250lbs. I really like the big cut of the 686 pants. I am seeking something that goes somewhat with my jacket, in a rather youthfull cut(read baggy). I'd like to keep the price tag under $300. Anyone have any alternatives that they'd like to recomend. I really prefer the zip in style of the pants - but if it's just a shell please recomend a good all conditions liner to compliment them. While I am currently stuck in the flat part of Indiana in just 15 days I will be leaving for Park City to ski all winter. I'd like to get these before I go to Utah. Thank you in advance for your help.
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(caveat: the waist and seat are more athletic cut than The North Face, say, in the same sizing)
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Ckeck these out

I bought a pair of these this week and I'm very pleased with the fit. Roomy, adjustable waist, inside leg vent zips. My profile is similar and comfortable ski pants can be a challenge. I was real happy with the fit of these and Obermeyer makes some nice stuff.

My link didn't work. Try a search for Obermeyer Revert Pant at Christy Sports, Backcountry or Tramdock

Good luck...
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post

(caveat: the waist and seat are more athletic cut than The North Face, say, in the same sizing)
I really like the rodeo... however I can't find it online anywhere. Any thoughts?
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Arc'teryx Minuteman or Marmot Randonee.

Too bad you already bought a Spyder jacket, you could've gotten something nice for that price.
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Originally Posted by KennyG View Post
I really like the rodeo... however I can't find it online anywhere. Any thoughts?

Rodeo has been in the line for a bit; call them on the phone to see if they'll sell you last years' clearance model.

Another you might try (I can't speak as to the fit) is Predator:

www.predatorwear.com , they have online retailers.
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truthfully, all i rock these days are snowboard pants.

i have a pair of Volcom puke/lime green ones from 2 seasons ago. Last season I bought a pair of the Hanna Teter plaid Burton pants (yeah, they're chick pants, which turns heads. the young kids laugh at me because they think i bought 'em accidentally, the older skiers think they're posh Burberry plaid) and this season I bought a pair of some cream/burnt orange camo pants made by one of the Burton auxillory brands.

I dig the roominess and all the pockets.

I haven't had any problems with the insides falling apart. If I have any problems it's the my skis tend to cut slices in the cuffs of the legs, so sometimes the pants get snow in them and when it melts i have "heavy" cuffs, but that's really only in Spring.

other than that they're warm and roomy. Plus you can always score snowboard pants cheap at factory outlets and at the beginning and end of season warehouse sales (got my camos for $100 back in Sept at a Burton warehouse sale in Oakland, for example).

As far as "matching" clothing goes? I just pair like minded colors together. I've found burnt orange and lime green go good together, plus they make you stand out on the hill so the folks you're riding with can always find you.

i'd just buy some pants, dammit!

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The inseam zips might get a little chafey in a skiing stance.
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post
The inseam zips might get a little chafey in a skiing stance.
Nah, never had that problem, plus the majority of inseam vents is that there is a fabric mesh so your leg is not exposed. Personally, I've never had a single zip vent giving me any chafing issues.

What surprises me is that the original poster comments about being 250, and at 6' 1", I would assume that the standard waist measurment is about 38. Also, I'm surprised by the clasification of 686 being "bigger". I had previously checked out 686 pants, and found there sizes to run small (there XL is about a 36" waist) and there cuts to be a little confining (especially around the quad). For a couple options that will not break the bank and have slightly larger waist sizing and slightly bigger cuts would be Bonfire and Burton (both tend to be a bit roomier and offer XL and XXL).

Now in terms of the inner legs getting chewed up because of no inner reinforment, you can find some snowboard pants with reinforcement, but more often than not the pants are made with rip stop material, so even with a few cuts, they won't shred.

Also, I've skied in Snowboard pants, Burton and Bonfire primarily (they just fit better) and have never had any major cutting issues from the edges. Yeah, after time, a few will show up, but its never been a big deal. I do have one pair that made me laugh last year though, they are about 4 years old and do show a couple cuts (only if you look really close) and on a few powder days there would be a build up of snow in between the layers of material (it must have looked rather odd trying to shake out the snow, but eventually I gave up and just let em melt out). But like I said, these pants had never had a problem like this before, and it only happened a couple times and the pants owed me nothing because of how much they were used (probably around 300 days on snow to have enough cuts to let snow build up in them).
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I do wear a 38 or 36 depending on the brand. I tried on the XL 686's at a local shop in the Smarty Freeride and thought they couldn't have fit better. They were almost like they were cut just for me. I think I will go to the local burton dealer tomorrow and see what they have to offer. However I am still open to other suggestions.
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Personally, I liked the Burton Ronin Cargo, retailed about 170 here in the Boat, had a similar waist size as the 686 but had a slightly bigger cut in the thigh area.
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I just wanted to be part of the best-titled thread in a long time.

I really like Spyder's Team Venom CR Johnson line. I've got jacket and pants and love 'em. Very light and roomy, but without the newschooler-Sharpei oversized look.
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