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Steamboat 11/24

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Since I hadn't seen a post about Steamboat's conditions, I figured I'd post one. Now that Thunderhead and Storm Peak Express are open, a bit more upper terrain was opened, however, this seemed to be both a blessing and a cruse.

In My Opinion
Run of the day: Probably Storm Peak Face (however as the day went on, you had to be rather cautious of marked and unmarked racks)

Run To Avoid: Buddy's Run (extremely scratched and SOLID - an intermediates favorite, but most people seemed to ski it once, and then avoid it)

(Not so) Hidden Gem of the day: Go towards the Storm Peak chair/4 Points Hut about 1/2 way down the face and get into the ungroomed. There was some rather skied, but soft snow to be found. It was great to get back into some soft snow.

Overall impression:
Not a bad day for this early in the season. Even though there were a lot of low intermediates and beginers on the hill, it may not be the best time of the year for them. Bottleneck trails and common choice intermediate runs got rather scratched (read ICY) with a lot of pushpiles and even some bumps which created a bit of a difficult time for intermediates and below. The ice and bumps on runs like Vagabond and Eagle's Nest proved to bottleneck traffic and slow it way down. Also, the lower mountain in general was pretty solid and congested since there wasn't too much open and not many choices for people heading back down to the Gondola. It definately looks like some of the upper mountain is almost ready to open and hopefully we'll get some snow to add so more can be opened. But all in all, it was a great day to get back on the snow here, and offered a lot of variety to choose from and even a fair amount of bumps to play in.
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what? Ice in Colorado?! Impossible - I thought they had thigh deep champagne pow from Nov-May!
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