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skis for slalom and GS

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i'm 16, 6'8'', and 145 lbs. i need a ski that would do well in GS and slalom what would be a good length and ski. How would the fischer rx9 160 cm be?
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pics please. 6'8" 145 lbs... i need to see this!
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but seriously, about the skis...

Are you doing some racing or just freeskiing? If you are racing, you may want to look for a 165 slalom ski. Something like that would be able to do both GS and slalom, although you would be better off with two pairs. However, you will have a really tough time in a slalom course with any ski over 165-170 and a 13-14 m radius.

If you're just freeskiing, the RX-8 or Volkl S-5 would be good skis.
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If you're racing beer leagues, get a detuned GS with a cheater sidecut (16m or so): you won't be racing real slaloms, only tight gs courses with a lot of gates. If you're racing masters or real courses, buy two pairs: gs ski in slalom course will be unskiable, slalom ski in GS course will feel dangerous after 4 gates. If you can only buy one pair, get GS skis and get good at that discipline first and then buy slaloms once you have the money. It is the cornerstone of racing, the holy grail, the foundation. No good racer doesn't have mad GS skills, wether he is a speed specialist or a slalom freak.

If you're only looking for a racing ski to have something substantial attached to your feet, something like the Fisher Race or WC RC or SC would do the trick.
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Welcome to EpicSki!

I would look at a ski like the Stockli Laser SC. A length around a 170 in any should serve you well in both courses. I skied with a guy that was 6' 5" and about 190lbs a few years back and his skis of choice were a 170cm Atomic SL:9. He loved them. He did have GS skis, but preferred to ski on the Atomics just about everywhere, including tight GS courses. Due to his extreme height he often had a tough time in GS because he couldn't keep himself away from the gates. The Head i.XRC 1200 SW would be a good choice too, but you may find it too dead for slalom. I like the Fisher WC RC as another poster mentioned, but if your skills aren't top notch you might find it to be work in slalom. They are a blast in a turny GS though.

Overall, pick your favorite discipline, and buy skis that are more suited to that, and then use them in the other discipline.


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