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Ski Tuning in the Denver Area

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I just wanted to ask if anyone knows of a good ski shop to get skis tuned in the Denver area. Are all ski shops pretty much the same and is there anything I should ask or pay special attention to? Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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I don't recommend taking them to the chain stores. My preferences are for Eskimo in Littleton or Foothills Ski & Bike in Genesee.
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Edgeworks/Bicyclye Dr. or Foothills Ski & Bike

This is an easy one...go to Edgeworks/Bicycle Dr. on Broadway. They did a phenomenal job on a blown edge that I had last year. They have lots of positive feedback, see this thread:

Foothills Ski & Bike is another option...great guys, Knowledgeable techs and located off of I70 in the Genesee area.
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Yeah, I'd have to say Edgeworks for major repairs. If you need a good tune or some minor repairs, try Larson's (I-70 and Kipling).

Good Luck!!!
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Edgeworks. No one better.
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Stay clear of The Edgeworks!

Edgeworks trashed my skis last December. I took my skis in for a major and they gave them back to me with a 3 degree base bevel and 90 degree side edges. I had this confirmed by a shop that uses a laser to measure the bevel. The skis should have been tuned to 1 degree base and 2 degree side edge. The work required to bring them back to factory specs has greatly shortened the life of my skis. I wouldn't trust Edgeworks to tune a pair of rental skis.
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The best ski tuner located in Colorado is Carl @ Carl's World Class ski in Avon. Maybe anywhere. He has like $500 K in equipment. If you want, he can completely remove all of your base, lay in a new base and put like 100 differend grinds to your skis.

At any given time, you can go into his shop and see skis being worked on for a least a half a dozen past Olympic WC champions.
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Has anyone other than snowcatco had a bad experience at Edgeworks? I want to make sure there is not a pattern before I take my skis there.

I need to find a good shop when I am Denver week after next to fix up my jinxed Elan Ripsticks (core shot in Copper in December, screw sticking out of unloading ramp resulting in core shot at local Iowa ski hill, and, last week, long gash caused by screw sticking out of unloading ramp screw at SolVista last week #%$&!). I will need to have some of previous base repairs redone and serious stonegrind to rebuild them.
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Edgeworks is a great shop and centrally located. But with that level of base work needed, you may want to think about Foothills. If I remember correctly they've got a machine that can lay down as much base as you need, making for a cleaner repair when the damage is significant. It's worth a call.
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Tune up spot- Lafayette

If your way north Denver try Echelon Spokes & Slopes in Lafayette (303) 604-1825 . They also offer a tune up clinic for about $10 which is a pretty good class and you get some freebie wax.
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So who did you go to for the laser check? It sounds like they should be able to do a good job.
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Do any of these shop offer courses on ski maintenance?
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Larson's destroyed the edge on one of my Volkls are couple of years ago.


Does anyone have any recent feedback for best ski tunes in the greater Denver area?  Thanks

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Originally Posted by philo View Post

Larson's destroyed the edge on one of my Volkls are couple of years ago.


Does anyone have any recent feedback for best ski tunes in the greater Denver area?  Thanks


The best?  I have no clue but I would recommend calling Chris at the Denver Sports Lab and see what you think.

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I second Denver sports lab. Absolutely the best ski tunes I have ever had.
I got a race tunes on my SL and GS skis and rec tunes on my all mountain skis.
They came home perfectly flat, with a great structure, with incredibly sharp and smooth edges.
All skis were tuned this season (14-15).

My race skis previously had 'race' tunes and the tunes from DSL blew them away.

Ps - I have no affiliation with DSL except that I'm a very satisfied customer - it is the only place in the front range that I will take my skis to.
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Sorry, not sure if I should bump this to ask my question or start a new thread.  Figured less clutter is better.


I am looking for a shop to mount bindings on some new skis (Cochise w/ Look pivot heel bindings), and to tune up my carvers.


I had used Edgeworks once before, but they screwed up the tune so badly I had to pay to get my skis redone on the mountain.  They were unfriendly, and inconvenient to work with initially so I never bothered to fight with them for a refund. 


I am intrigued with Denver Sports Lab, but do they only work with racers? 


Any other recommendations of places that do a great job?

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Alpine Base & Edge in Boulder
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Hey Everybody.  Saw a bunch of questions related to us out there and wanted to answer...


So, while we are the new guys in town, we are not the rookies.  We are here to help with any level of tuning and service from the weekend warrior to the Olympian.  Our goal is simple..... Listen to what you want, educate you on what needs to be done to your equipment and do it as best as possible without selling you on crap you don't need.


Anything related to ski and boot service, we do it.  On top of having the most extensive fleet of tuning machines, we have a full boot lab able to make your feet feel great and dial in performance and response.


Check us out at!  E-mail us your questions or stop by to see the facility.  

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