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What is it about skiing?

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What is it about skiing? What is it that makes us look to the mountains yearning for snow in early august? What is it that gets us all giddy at the first sign of a change in wheather in early fall? What is it that makes us crazy with desire, as if in desperate love, when the first snow flurry falls?
And why do we have to wait so long for it? Why is it that, now as we wait for the snow pack to deepen and the first report of a powder day, it's all we can think about? What is it about skiing?
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That is the beauty of skiing- it is not always available- you get really excited when it is. I get really excited in August when I get tired of cycling. Now, I'm back into cycling again- even though it's not the season, but with an even balance. It's good to be evenly balanced between the two considering I'm in GA.

But back to your question, I think it is because we can only ski 5 months out of the season- it gives us something to look foward to.
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Because we're in love with skiing!
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I feel that if you ski the backcountry or surf, you build a bond with the energies of nature and that gets into your soul.
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At the beginning of this year, my partner dragged me kicking and screaming to my first ski holiday, "why the hell do I want to strap two planks to my feet and slide down a mountain!" I protested.
A week later I was hooked, a true convert, now winter is my sport!
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I clearly remember my first ever ski outing. It was a school trip and consisted of four seperate visits to the local hill.

I remember so well the buzz in the air on the bus ride out, like a pack of mad bee's. Everyone yammering with excitement of the day to come. The feeling that you thought you might explode if you had to wait another minute. On the first trip I didn't understand, on the second I was one of them.

The bus arrives at the hill, but... you have to wait while we get all the tickets. Time seemed to stand still. We got the tickets but..... we have to wait in a huge line for our rentals. Oooh how I hated those with their own equipment. Gear in hand we are told to go "wait" by the signs for our lessons.

I had never done downhill skiing but nothing was making me wait any longer. I did one run and decided perhaps lessons were not such a bad idea.

I took that lesson and unitl just last year 20 years passed before I took another. I learnt how to stop, go left and go right. What else did a kid need to know. Lessons just kept me from skiing. Still today the time in lesson in torture really, I will always rather be free and taking my own lines.

Later those trips turned to weekends with the school. That same buzz was always in the air, only the trip was much longer, the tales were much taller and.... there were girls.

Still to this day as I hop in the truck at 3 am for a four hour drive to the mountains that same feeling lingers.

The drive is full of what was and what could be and what hopefully will be. Great conversation with friends, but still the waiting.

We arrive, get our gear on, and ..... wait in line for the ticket office to open.

We get our tickets, click into the skis and ....... wait in line for the chair to start turning. Time again has stood still.

Finally the chair starts, the crowd cheers, a quick feeling that the waiting is over but..... you have to ride up the chair. This is the hardest time. That 10 minute ride up the first chair. Do you take a run, or go for the goods up top. Yes more waiting.

You board the next chair, you are about to pee yourself with excitement. You can see the top hut. It's almost here. You check your gear one more time and off load.

Suddenly all the effort and time seems like it never existed. Looking down that hill for the first run is a feeling that can't be copied or replaced by any other experiance in life. Pure heaven on earth.

Why do I ski ? Why do I go thought all that a skier does to be able to ski ?

That first run of the day and what life is about to dish up.
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Skiing is a tradition and a thought process. When i get on the summet it's just amazing. i do it for the occasion Gape at the surroudings. I mean theres not to mean places on earth were you can go to feel paceful and energized. Also it's the only way i know to burn 2000 calories in a single day with out breaking a sweat. Skiing is....in explicable
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