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Conditions in VT

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has anyone skied in VT yet ... wondering what the conditions are *really* like?

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about time!

Condition are "early season", and we all know what that means. Limited terrain, machine made snow, WROD's etc. But its all good. Okemo is finally open as is Killington and Sugarbush. Many others to follow. I will be skiing Okemo tomorrow but a friend who was at Killington yesterday said it was a good time. NO crowds yet!!

He said they had good coverage on what was open, so rock skis were not a requirement.

Doug Murray
Okemo Mtn. Ambassador
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LOL "Rock Skis" I remember them days. I hate early season conditions but I'm headed up there in a couple weeks. I might I try Killington again it's been 10yrs since I've been there.
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Mr. Hazmat, when's your first day of work. I'm on Dec 10th. See you at 7:45.

Today was day 5 on skis this season. At least Okemo had snow. It will be in much better shape next weekend.

I have a update on this weekends conditions in a post in the general discussion forum, "for those who don't like Okemo"
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It is good early November conditions, probem is, it is early December

Looking at the 10 day forcast and knowing the amount of rain we had will make the snowmaking ponds full, they will be catching up real quick.
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here is the latest from jay peak today.

Philpug describes conditions very accurately. but one additional factor is that there are more crowds than early november because more people are used to getting their first days after the thanksgiving holiday and think of december as the beginning of ski season. with snow making a month behind at the major players and no natural snow on the ground what so ever, things are pretty bleak. for some perspective, i skied a foot and a half of fresh last year at this time. but on a positive note, the mountains should get some natural snow this week and temps look good for snow making this week as well, so next week should hopefully be a different story.
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At least the temps are finally trnding downward:
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They are calling for some snow tonight and tomorrow. They are calling for a few inches here in quechee, I would not be suprised if the mountains got 6. I am thinking of heading up to K-mart on wed to check it out. They currently have limited terrain but are blowing like mad from what I understand.

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Let us know how it is/was, We're heading up to Kmart this weekend.
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Unfortunatly, I won't be geting to Kton until Christmas Eve and then Christmas day.
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We got about 4" here in Morrisville hopefully more on the hill.
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We pushed our day back to thursday, myself, My daughter, and Buckethead are going to hit K-mart. There is some snow in the forecast so I am hoping for the best(or at least for the superstar quad to open). We may be out on sunday at K as well, allthough there have been some pretty significant snowfalls up north and if it keeps up and there is some suprise terrain/mountain openings I will be heading up there. If you are going to be at K on sunday let me know if you want to make some turns

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