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My twin tips..

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I am new to the forums..so please don't bash me as this is a pretty dumb question..but I don't know the answer..

I have salomon 1080 Spaceframe 151 twin tip skis. They are around 4 years old I think now..and I don't know if I need new skis or not..if I do, i will rent them and will hope I don't get **** skis from the shop..I am 5'7'' 125lb. The skis come to the bottem of my chin..wondering if they're too small for me now or what? Again, sorry for the newbie question..
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Need more info such as age, skiing ability/speed, preferred terrain, etc.

They do sound a little short, especially considering twin tips ski even shorter, but you'd be best able to tell for yourself...do you feel like they're holding you back from going faster and harder?

Instead of renting you can probably find a good deal on similar skis (Dynastar Troublemaker, etc.) for the cost of 8-10 rentals.
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I am 14....I'd say I am a little above intermediate skier, almost expert. I go all over the mountain, but in the north east..it's mostly ice you can say. I go on the moguls every chance I get and also hit the terrain quite a bit. I grew about 6 inches since I last used them..so I don't know how they'll feel come december 10th..when mountain creek opens. If I rented, I'd rent for the year..may I ask how much an average Dynastar Troublemaker is?
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I dont really think you need new skis you might have grown but the most important thing is your weight. 151's should be fine for 125lbs save the money to buy nice skis when you finally grow some more and put on some weight.
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Alright, just wanted to know if they were too short. I'd say next year I will get new skis anyway...

What is the preferred weight for 151's though?
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I skied the 171's when I weighed 220 lbs and they worked for me but I dont actually know what the ideal weight for the 151's would be
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alrighty, thanks man..
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