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Got my son some skis.

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Just when I was thinking I could never afford to get my son kitted out, I was in the ski shop the other day and a customer who was getting his growing boy new equipment found out that the store had no interest in the old gear, but I did.

I got him some Skis, " Atomic Beta Race 8'12" which come up to his nose. They're in pretty good shape, other than topsheet wear and tear and needing a little wax They seem pretty flexible, but he only weighs about 80 or 90 lbs and he's just learning. Any info on this ski? Are base and edge bevel 1 and 3 like all modern atomics?

The skis have bindings "Marker M700" that go from 2 to 7. He's just learning and won't be hitting 60, so i'm not too worried about "pre-release" Looks like a forward pressure adjustment screw below the DIN setting screw, but no indicator. What's the Forward pressure setting procedure on these?

The Lange boots shell-fit him well for length (until he grows a bit), but are a little tight in the forefoot. Should I get them stretched, or just let him outgrow them quickly and then replace them:.
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the forward pressure setting on many Markers is used by getting the overall fit of the boot in the binding close, then clicking the boot in and then tightening or loosening the forward pressure screw until it is flush with the heel housing.
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Don't set the binding for your child unless you are are a trained binding mechanic. And, no you can't get that training by soliciting strangers for advice on the interweb. Do you really think that's a responsible way to ensure that the safety release function of the bindings will be optimal !?
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Thanks Telerod for the concern, not just for myself, but also for other's reading the thread. Forward pressure is important and has a big effect on binding release. FWIW, I understand how it works and have been adjusting forward pressure on my own bindings for decades, just not markers. I prefer to take responsibility for them; I've seen too much sloppy work(and not just in skiing).
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Good. Just now before I logged on, I recalled that post and feared it might have been taken the wrong way. Maybe you can get a mechanic to show you how it should look when it's right. I believe you can do it yourself if you learn how. Perhaps Manus has explained well enough. I really don't know the answer but was concerned when I read your post. I did not mean to imply that your child's safety wasn't foremost in your mind.

Maybe this post will bump up the thread and some knowledgeable bear(s) will post more details on the binding adjustment and whether the boots should be modified or soon outgrown and replaced.

I don't use alpine bindings or have kids, so I'm not that bear.
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