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POC Helmets?

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anybody have any insight on POC helmets?

i'm in the market and keep stumbling on brands like this and Sweet who have interesting looking models, but seem to be limited on their availability in the States (POC is Swedish, Sweet is Norwegian). And while I have relatives in Norway, I'd kind of like to try the helmets on first!

Granted I'm not a super charger, but I believe I am looking for a helmet that covers the ears (face guard is not a requirment).
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We sell POC helmets at the shop I work at in Montreal. They're said to be safer than others due to their increased ability to absorb energy in falls. The plastic used in the shell is less rigid and causes the head to bounce less when hitting the ground. They're quite a bit lighter than other race helmets and are sort of a hybrid between hard plastic helmets and soft plastic, bicycle helmet-like lids.

The bad thing is that they're very expensive and are in scarce supply. The company seems to be extremely disorganized. Also, all race helmets produced for the 05-06 helmet are on recall due to weak plastic. We were able to snap the ears off just by bending them in. They seem to have fixed the problem, though.
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I hope they've fixed the problem!

There's a few shops in Tahoe listed on their website.

I'm still trying to find out where to find Sweet helmets in the US, as well.

If anybody has any other recommendations for helmets, please feel free to drop 'em!

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