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THANKS giving for T&M posters

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Just a quick thanks to the folks who've been sharing considerable knowledge in the tuning and maintenance forum lately. Dr. D, Alpinord, SkiRacer55, RacerRick, and no doubt others who I don't mean to offend by leaving out.

It seems like this forum has been more active lately and as someone who's just started tuning this season it's been quite helpful. Even when the experts disagree as in the base cleaning thread. So thanks to those of you who are posting, I really appreciate it. I'm not only saving a lot of money doing the tunes myself (11 pair of skis in the family ...), but also enjoying the work.

That's all. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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You're a good man TS, I hope you had a great holiday. Thanks, DrD
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Thanks to you TS01 and all, and Happy Holidays as well!

Far from an expert, but highly 'into it' without being anal, but practical and objective from a performance rec, combined with a hands-on from various trades and skills perspective. I'm learning a lot by the different experiences levels, perspectives and personal preferences from others as well....including the 'disagreements'. It exposes fallacies and misconceptions, is challenging, gets us thinking and provides all of us with many options, time saving tricks & tips to try out...and more motivation.

Hopefully, these discussions will help more become comfortable with at least trying to take care of their stuff themselves at some level, or be motivated to take 'em to the shop.
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