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Buying skis

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I have been skiing for 5 years and have rented equipment. I ski most of the time on the blues and blacks at resorts in North Carolina and West Virginia. I am looking to buy a set of skis off E bay and I am looking at a pair of Atomic c-9 beta carv skis. Is this a good choice for me. I also skied last year at Jackson Hole ane skied the blues and single blacks and will ocassionally go out west. Thanks for the help. LET IT SNOW
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Yes, the C9 is a pretty good ski for how you describe yourself.

However, in my opinion initial dollars are better spent on boots than on skis.

For example, good fitted boots on rental skis will work better than poorly fitted or rental boots on the most awesome ski.
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buying skis

thanks for the help and yes I have already bought myself a pair of nice boots and I am looking for a set of skis that I can grow into. I only get to ski about 5 to 7 days a year maybe suggest some other model skis that wouls be a good choice. I would like to spend between $100 to $150 to buy them. Thanks for the reply. LET IT SNOW
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