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Deep day ski for Alpental?

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5'7", 150 lbs, male
ski 40 days/yr
Level 8
Current skis: Atomic SX11, Volant Machete Sin, Dynastar Legend 8800, Volkl Mantra

So, my question has been covered a lot, but I think my situation is unique because of my location of use. I just moved to Redmond, Washington a month ago and plan to be skiing at Alpental a lot, but also at Crystal, Baker, and Stevens some, and hopefully Whistler. Alpental is the concern though as it's a smaller area with lots of steep and tight terrain and plenty of soft snow albeit the PNW variety.

I need a deep day ski to round out my quiver. I have some Dynastar 8800's for days where powder is a possibillity, but not a certainty. I own a pair of Mantra's at 177, which were great when I was skiing Vermont and traveling West, but I think I'll be getting rid of them now that I live on the west coast. I really like the geometry and would like my powder ski to have the same for on the steep stuff. The mantras are a good powder ski, but not great. They're more of an all-mountain ski. Great for a trip when you can only have one. As I said, the shape is good, but I could use some more width and I don't need quite as much stiffness (but I can handle the stiffness mostly ok). For reference, I tour on Rossignol B4's, and I want my powder ski to be able to handle cut-up PNW powder better than those. So for stiffness somewhere between the two. I feel like I could use a little more length and handle it over the Mantra's, but I'll be skiing at Alpental, which has lots of tight spots.

Volkl 183 Gotama seems like an ideal ski, but one guy I know is bigger and better than me and that's what he skis at Alpental. That has me apprehensive about that length. Other very good option would be a 179 Bro Model, but used ones can't be found for better prices and lead time isn't short yet.

If I was skiing primarily at Crystal, I'd have no qualms about going with the 183 gotama or even a 183 sugar daddy, but since there's lots of gnar at Alpental and I haven't spent a full season there, I'm apprehensive.

Any thoughts on my options:

Gotama 183 - great sidecut, great float

Bro 179 - great sidecut, light, versatile, can't find deals on used ones

Seth Vicious 179- longer running length (longer than 183 gotama I think), decent sidecut, narrowest of bunch

Sugar Daddy 183 - great sidecut, longer length, light

DP Lotus 120 178 - amazing float, very smearable, powder only (probably couldn't bring it as a single ski quiver for a ski trip), would be lots of fun, but really expensive

Armada JP vs Julien 178 - light, too soft for end of the day cut-up powder?, too short with the tip and tail rocker

Scott P4 181 - probably too much sidecut, and I've heard mixed messages on the stiffness (some say way soft, others say like gotama)
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Check out the 185 Nordica Blower. Running length is a bit shorter due to a drastically upturned tail, which also allows you to slide a turn quickly in sketchy terrain.

You'd get rid of the Mantra before any of your other skis? Why? Sure you're going to have some deep days in the PNW but the majority will bring conditions that the Mantra was made for. You definitely have some quiver overlap.
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The blower sounds awsome they have several pairs at sturtevents in bellvue. You want a very fat ski cause getting stuck underneath tipical 'crete out here sucks

Edit: You just moved to redmond thats cool, where in redmond?
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Get the Bro 179 Super Fatty.
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I ski at Alpental on 183 Gotama's - 28yo, 5'11, 185lbs. If you are going to ski the backcountry then go for 183, otherwise 177.
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Another vote for the 183 Gotama from a Washington skier. I'm a little bigger than you, but probably not any better. You will love them. Very easy ski to throw around, they'll do whatever you ask of them and they slay chopped up crud, even when it starts to freeze and get crusty.
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