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Montreal Area Ski Opening's

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As this (American Thankgiving) weekend approaches I was jsut wondering if any Montreal area skiers are joining me on the slopes somewhere.

As of now I'm not sure as to my destination due to the hesitation by hills to post detail of snow making and certainty of opening, although my first choice would be Mont St-Sauveur ( http://www.mssi.ca/en ) if it has a decent number of runs open. As of tonight they have are blowing snow on three runs since yesterday and are not sure of opening for the scheduled friday. I was planning on taking my trip skiing on Sunday which may give the hills time to open just incase they cannot meet deadline friday or saturday. ]

Other hills i was considering were Jay Peak ( http://www.mssi.ca/en/ ) currently blowing snow on 2 runs, 100% chance opening Friday Nov 24 with unknown # of runs but has 115 snow guns blows as of yesterday at night. Has daily pictures of snow making progress, along with St-Sauveur.

Mont Bromont ( http://www.skibromont.com/skien.asp?...&sec=2&page=45 ) who has good snow making progress by the photos i found but do not have an opening date set yet.

Mont Tremblant ( http://www.tremblant.ca/index-e.htm ) has set this Friday Nov 24 for opening but have not posted anything on snow making progress and not updated its webcams. Although i'm fairly sure that they will open saturday because of their snow making capability.

If anyone has any other information on other hills or any questions for me just post. Thank you guys. Happy Skiing.
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I was thinking of heading up to Tremblant after class tmw just to go pick up my season's pass and see first hand whether I should even bother going on Saturday. I'll provide a report tmw evening (no webcams ).

Friday I'm heading over to the winter sports/activity expo and gear swap at Place Bonaventure. I'll try to take some pics and post a summary Friday night.
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Patiently waiting......

BTW i found a site that posts snow conditio ns and opening expectations for hills worldwide. skireport.com
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Sorry, a family emergency popped up this afternoon... it's taken care of and I will be going tmw after class hopefully for a couple of runs regardless of conditions. I will take pics and post 'em when I get back.
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Well, my camera crapped out on me, but I did manage to get 3 runs in. They've got a few runs on the north side and are in pretty decent condition considering, well, 5 days of snowmaking. Basically everyone is taking the gondola up, skiing down to the Lowell Thomas lift, repeat as necessary and ride the gondola down at the end of the day. If you're there with a pass, fine... paying for tickets, not worth it.

Also, all their work will disappear with next week's forecasted unseasonably warm weather.
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So what do you say about me heading up sunday? worth it or not?

I'm paying with tickets lol and it's only 35$, for an early season ski day i don't care.
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Well, I enjoyed every minute of the 30 minutes I was skiing. It's -7°C right now in St-Jovite, so they should be cranking out the snow on the north side. They may have less of a chance to do so tomorrow night.

If you just want to do it to get the feel back, by all means do it.
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Without pics of Montreal women this thread is destined to suck forever.
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Reluctantly, I have to agree with OldSchool. The good news is that I live with a "Montreal woman" - my wife!

The North East is in for a pathetic start to the ski season. Next week we are looking at warm temps and rain. What on earth did we do to deserve this?
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Originally Posted by OldSchool View Post
Without pics of Montreal women this thread is destined to suck forever.
Trust me, I'm working on it... Wanda's anyone? j/k
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Reluctantly my friend who was supposed to lift us up called last night to inform me his car had a flat tire and no spare. So i'm incredibly pissed, but that's life right. Hopefully next weekend there will be more snow.
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