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How Not To Rob a Liquor Store

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Getting in doesn't do ya much good if you can't get back out.
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He probably hit the "big lottery" with a suit against the city, the liquor store and the ladder manufacturer.

Police Brutality ... as evidenced by his "condition".

Liquor Store ... maintaining an attractive nuisance as well as not having an OSHA approved ladder of suitable height to perform his job as such constituting an "occupational hazard". bungling burglar is an occupation no .. ??

That obviously unstable ladder ...

This happened to a guy I knew. "Albert" was a Ukranian immigrant who developed a bit of a "substance abuse problem". Albert got the bright idea to cut a circle in the roof of the local pharmacy .... and yeah ... just like in the cartoons! Chain saw in hand ... he stood in the middle of the circle as he cut it; a twenty five foot drop.

: .... and they breed if they live ...
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