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Canadian Shops

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I've heard from numerous different people that skis are a lot cheaper if you buy them through some Canadian shops. A friend of mine is looking for some new X-Scream 9's, X-Scream Series, or 1080's. He really doesn't care which one he buys because he doesn't make it out all that often, so he just wants a good all around ski. I was wondering if any of you guys have seen good prices on any of these, or know of some Canadian shops that might have good prices. If you could let me know the phone numbers and names of the shops that would be great. Thanks.
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there's 3 quality shops in Calgary that currently advertise on www.biglines.com

they might be able to help you out. i don't know their #'s but their websites should tell


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Comor and Snowcovers both to online retailing.

Both carry, ugh, Smellyman.
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I bought my Salomon boards from Pacesetter in Edmonton
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Darn near everything here in Canada is WAY cheaper than the US, particularly lifts, lodging and food. Too bad, I've been wanting to get down to Utah or Colorado for years, but there's no way I could afford it... especially when the skiing at home is pretty good.

Mt. Baker is the exception; just an hour away (depending on the roads and mood of the border guys), cheap lift tix, and chances are any day you go will be a powder day.
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The only thing cheaper in Canada is the Canadian dollar. :

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A couple of years ago I saw a certain model Volant ski in a US shop for $579. Later that season I saw the same model ski in a shop on the ski hill at a Canadian resort for C$579. After you figure the exchange rate, it's almost like getting the bindings for free. I've seen similar pricing with other brand skis at other times.

I guess ski companies charge whatever they think they can get. Several years ago I bought boots in Italy (at full retail price) for less than a friend who owns a US ski shop paid wholesale for the same model.

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