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Mary Jane opens & demo day

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MJ opens on Turkey day and on the 25, WP is having their annual demo day:

"Even though it is early season, there’s still a ton of stuff going on! November 25 we are hosting our annual Ski Demo Festival. This is your chance try 2007’s skis for FREE. Reps from Marker, K2, Fischer, Dynastar, Rossignol, Atomic, Nordica, Head Tyrolia, Liberty and 4frnt skis will all be here to showcase their latest designs and equipment."

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Thanks for the update Mom!
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Hmmm, I was planning on doing Copper Friday and WP Saturday... I may have to reverse that.
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Well I was out at WP today and I think Copper is in better shape with a better mix of runs open at this point. WP (actually Jane) was good in the morning with very light traffic, but at about 10:00 a.m. the hordes came out and the skier traffic was very heavy. We never waited in any line more than 10 mins. (less than 2 was typical), but there were so many skiers on the trails that there were many times that I just didn't feel safe any more - we were rolling the dice waiting to shoot snake eyes and get taking out by some out-of-control maniac.

We definitely need another good dump (or two) to get Jane open "proper".
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Well, sadly, that makes us feel better down here in the land of endless summer. Am sitting in my shirtsleeves with all the windows open on a sunny, warm day. Not a drop of moisture for over a month. grrrr.
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spoke with a friend yesterday that is still working there; she told me that several treed runs were skiable on the winter park side. Major storm coming in tonight or tomorrow.
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