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US skimakers

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K2 is now all in China, iggie is history, Hart was mostly made in austria even before they went under.
so please correct me if I am wrong, but it seems that evo & voile' are the only remaining US ski manufacturers.
say it ain't so.
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Volant. In Denver, CO.<FONT size="1">

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it aint so.
Those enormous sunglasses Hank Kashiwa gave must have made me miss that enormous building off I-70.
guess I just needed an excuse to plug my local companies!
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Volant is Denver based and still around. At least they were alive when they did a warranty exchange on my machetes last june. Got some new '01-'02 boards in the garage.
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I know K2 moved Vashon plant to China, but what happened to Igneous????
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I didnt buy a pair, you didn't buy a pair, a lot of people were going to & did not & harsh reality caught up with them first.
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SO what I figure is some of the Axis models on the shelves this winter will be the last of the American made K2's. They ran production all spring and summer and now are calling it quits. Biggest issue is they might lose some loyal customers. I have been a big devotee of K2, being in the PNW and the MADE IN THE USA deal was a big part of it. So now do I still buy a CHina Made K2? K2 moved all of their lower level skis to China earlier this year, seems that their factory over there is doing really good work and it made them feel that they could move all of thier production over.
In reality, the quality of the product should be no less. They use the same material, same machines, is there a difference.
In the Bike industry mass amounts of products have moved overseas. Almost All of carbon fiber production has moved to china and taiwan. Kestral, Reynolds, name a carbon fiber fork and odds are now it is being produced overseas.
SO it comes down to economics, profitabilty.
The skis will ski the same, be built the same, just in another country. The mystic of a USA made ski will be gone. Race skis will still be made on Vashon but how many of us will be able to get our hands on those.
I feel for all those long time employees that just got the boot.<FONT size="1">

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I think Goode is still making skis and poles here in Michigan.
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Evolution Skis are made right her ein the good ole US of A.
SaltLake City to be exact. http://www.evoskis.com

That's thier website.
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I think Burns is knocking off an occasional "the ski" as well.
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What about Canadian ski makers, eh? Line Skis are based in Vermont but manufacture their skis in Canada. My son has had a couple pairs and has loved them. My only complaint against them is they use cheaper P-tex which doesn't cut it in Montana.
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Hawley skis are made by some guys in Cali - big floppy boards, flakey production.
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I think Line (Riders: Kris Ostness and Mike Nick) is still producing Twin Tips. Their first few go-rounds were pretty studly. Maybe they'll keep after it. Duh! I just read Rio's post above me and now I feel like a total fart. Anyway, I agree with what Rio said!!! Too bad about the P-Tex though.<FONT size="1">

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