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Hotel near lift in Park City?

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Getting into town a day before my group arrives.. Need a nice hotel for one night in town.... ski in/out or a short walk to lift would be great...

Any suggestions...


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Hope you aren't talking about right now, as there isn't much in the ski in/out category right now with *very* limited skiing. Later in the year, look at the Marriot Summit and Watch (3 Marriots in town - not the one in Prospector).

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December 15th.....
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That's a tough time for a one night stay, as most places will have minimums. Also, what's your price range? Silver Queen is on lower Main street right next to Town Lift--probably run you 200-250 for the night. That's probably your best mid-range, walk to everything bet.

Copperbottom Inn is not exactly "right next to" anything, but is right on shuttle route and has a great restaurant attached to it. Room will be a step down from Silver Queen.

Chateau Apres is livin' on the cheap. But, it can be a really fun place if you let it be. Has a great fireplace, and a fairly decent location about 500 yards from base. Also, they definitely don't have a minimum (last time I stayed, they wouldn't even let me give them a credit card number, they just took my name and said that was all they needed to book the room).

Another option is Treasure Mountain Inn, but again, I think you might run into minimum night problems. It is a condo-hotel, so all of the rooms are privately owned, though managed centrally. Again, you can either walk the 5 blocks to the lift, walk up the ski stairs right next to you to the catwalk and ski to the lift, or take the trolley that comes every 3-5 minutes to the lift (I am talking Town Lift).

Not a lot of straight up "hotel" options in PC like in other ski towns, but the whole damn town is basically for rent, so you'll find something.
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Downtown PC

What is the Hotel directly across the street from the town lift?
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Thanks for the suggestions...

I will make a list and call them all a few days before I depart... Have to assume one of them will agree to a one nighter if they have the vacancy...

Price is not really an object (hate saying that) - But like to keep it under $300... The rest of the stay is in my friends house so wont cost me much Few bottles of scotch

PS - Will have my 10 year daughter so a nice safe place would be best.
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Acorn Chalet Lodge is another good bet. 80 yds from the lifts. Supposed to be a nice place.
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Originally Posted by Gotama View Post
What is the Hotel directly across the street from the town lift?
There isn't any - you're most likely referring to the Marriott Summit Watch which is a "Vacation Club" aka time share property.
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The Caledoanan (sp) on lower Main St. near the twon lift
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Originally Posted by triplenet View Post
Thanks for the suggestions...
PS - Will have my 10 year daughter so a nice safe place would be best.
The whole town is pretty much safe for kids, unless I'm missing something.
Marriot Summit Watch- It's like a timeshare I guess, but everything rents as a hotel, the rooms are very nice with kithenettes, and might squeek under your $$ limit at that time. Across the street from town lift. The Caledonian is next to the lift.
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Lodge at the Mountain Village is reasonably priced considering it's right at the base area. Cheaper than Marriott.
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