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I can barely stand this weather. On friday it was -17C in the morning at MSLM and now we are looking at +7 degrees and rain. WTF is going on?

On a positive note I had a great weekend. I skied Fri, Sat and Sun, but Sun was the best. Far less crowds, 11-12 slopes opened and spring skiing conditions.
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btw, what's up with blue ? 2 trails open ? horseshoe and MSLM were doing considerably better last week.
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Collingwood is a little outside the big snow belt that hits around Barrie. It's pretty common for Barrie to get more snow than Collingwood most of the time, so you'll see Horseshoe and MSLM having better conditions, especially around this time of year.
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Blue only has Smart Alec (blue run) open (and Easy Street, a green run served by a beginner double chair only).

I wasn't bad yesterday, and the snow didn't get heavy until the mid-afternoon. I'd have to say it was a decent first day out for me, all things considered.

Today the snow started heavy and stayed that way. It was mostly skiers until around 10:00, then a bunch of boarders and beginners showed up. But it was never crowded. Legs were a bit more tired from yesterday than I realized, and I bugged out early. I didn't see any rain weither yesterday or today. The snow on Smart Alec is getting scraped up. There's snow that was previously blown on Tranquility and left in piles, and my guess is that if Smart Alec gets too bad to ski, they'll close it, groom Tranquility, and then open that run.

But who knows! Pray for snow!

And the lady at the Admin building told me day tickets are just $21.20! YMMV
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Originally Posted by Yury View Post
does it really get good that late ? i am kinda surprized, isn't Montreal suposed to a city that have most snow in north america or something ?
It's the city that trucks the largest volume of snow in NA (or maybe worldwide), but mostly b/c they have nowhere to plow it to, and a lot of surface area. But around here (Ottawa), it doesn't really matter how much snow we get, just how cold it is for snowmaking, and so far it just hasn't been. I've actually heard that Tremblant is in whatever you would call the opposite of a snow-belt. Not quite a desert, but you get the idea.

Having said that, Tremblant was OK on Sunday, about 10 runs on 4 lifts (ski report probably said 25 runs or so...). By the w/e before Xmas there will be more runs and more ppl. If you go with the expectation that it'll be cold, icy, crap visibility, and crowded, you'll have an OK time.

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Looks like we're taking steps backward. My hill's opening this weekend was cancelled, and when I checked Blue's site, they're closed as well (anyone know if they were open on Saturday?), and the forecast is looking pretty bleak too. Looks like MSLM and Horseshoe are scraping by, barely.
Anyone taking bets on whether we'll have some skiing in Collingwood by Xmas, New Years? If i come up on the right(wrong) side of it, maybe I can finance a holiday trip to whistler...

Anybody know some good snow dances? Or any animals to sacrifice?
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Yes, Blue was open Saturday. On Sunday at 8:30 am, the snow phone said they were open Sunday too - 9:00 to 4:00. We went over only to find the Silver Bullet chair locked up tight (obviously there had been no intention of opening), and a handful of instructor inductees doing their best at on-hill training by hiking etc. at the bottom. Pathetically bad communications by Blue. We drove up top and took one run down, after hiking over a 30 ft or so band of grass and mud on the top pitch. Nice skiing while it lasted.
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The closing of the runs at Blue was the lead story on the Barrie news lastnight - it was the first time in Blue's history that they have had to close the runs after opening up!

I was skiing at Horseshoe on Dec 8th - they had 4 runs open and were busy making snow and moving it around. It was good to get out but if the weather doesn't improve, I don't know if there will be any skiing in December.

Apparently in Dec 1998 we had the same weather and January, 1999 was one snow fall after another.
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Ontario skiers here - we have a trip planned to Tremblant Jan 5. Should I be worried? I'm not even looking at Ontario hills until mid-late January.
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I don't know if you should be worried about tremblant, maybe just concerned.

I was there this past weekend and it was pretty dire. Two top to bottom runs on the north + the park. 3 top to bottom runs on the south side.

Most open runs were much narrower than normal so when it was busy on saturday the skiing was incredibly dodgy (pun intended).

Sunday was less busy but the only chair on the north side crapped out. Two hours later the shuttle had brought us to the south side.

That said, all runs that were open had really good coverage. There were only a couple of times that I was dodging rocks.

Regardless, it was a sketchy weekend of skiing.
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yikes. The long term forcast seems ok - mostly sub zero temps, and some light snow for the 25th...let's hope they get more frozen precipitation than that!
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I was in peterborough ontario this past weekend to visit my folks. I took my boyfriend out to the local ski hill Devil's Elbow to look for a ski jacket. WOW they had 3 runs out of 11 or so open and they were sketchy! The green grass on the sides was starting to swallow the man made snow in the middle.

Same thing near Ottawa on the Quebec side. Camp Fortune has 2 runs open. 1 square 1 diamond and open from 9am - 4pm daily. Hmmm hope you like skiing the same 2 runs over and over again for hours!!!!

Finally Tremblant. I was up there opening weekend when they had 2 trails open on Nov. 26 and they now have 25 open and a good mix at that on both the versant sud and versant nord.

I keep praying for snow!!! I really want to ski even if it is 2 or 3 runs.. I'll take it at this point.

p.s. the weather report is calling for RAIN on Xmas day!! Can you imagine?
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Devil's Elbow! I grew up in Peterborough so that's where I learned to ski. It's a nice little facility when there's snow...

Yep - the weather person on the CBC this morning said barring a miracle, it's going to be a green/brown/grey holiday weekend. Oh well.

Figures that the year I buy all new equipment, there's no snow...
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It's getting colder, so we can only hope that a few slopes manage some machine snow in the next few weeks. I'm going stir crazy, and all the Toronto area hills have closed till further notice.
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Originally Posted by elle-9ner-9ner View Post

Finally Tremblant. I was up there opening weekend when they had 2 trails open on Nov. 26 and they now have 25 open and a good mix at that on both the versant sud and versant nord.
Those 25 open runs only exist on the Intrawest/Fortress website. For accurate information regarding snow conditions at Tremblant I suggest going to the Tremblant-Insider Forum.
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Things in Ontario are indeed looking bleak. Cooler temps are in the forecast, but nothing that'll allow 24 hour snowmaking.

So, if you want to ski, you need to get out West, where they have the best conditions in the world right now.

There's a new skier flight pass from Air Canada, announced a few days ago, the Welcome Aboard pass.

OK, its not actually a skier flight pass, but its ideal for skiers!

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Kamloops, Kelowna, and Denver (sadly, no Salt Lake City). There's also Las Vegas, LA, and plenty of other destinations.

More info:
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Well, it would appear that Blue Mountain is officially owned for the holiday season:

They're notoriously cheap with snowmaking, so I can't say that i'm surprised.
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To be fair, regardless of how much or little money you're spending on snowmaking, you just can't do it when the temps are what they've been.

We better be in store for gigantic dumps in January...
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Snow for all of us comming down today. The Laurentians and Quebec city are getting the white stuff too. My local hill Mont Rigaud pushed back their opening date 2 1/2 weeks but are finally opening Dec 31. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone the temps Hi/Lo are all below -2 for the next week.
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You got an Ontario skiier right here. I usually visit a ski resort in Ontario called mount st louis moonstone  Heard of it? 

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Originally Posted by ShivaniK View Post

You got an Ontario skiier right here. I usually visit a ski resort in Ontario called mount st louis moonstone  Heard of it? 

Welcome to EpicSki!  You may not hear back from anyone in this thread because it's an old one from 2006.  But perhaps other Ontario skiers will stop by to say hello.

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Originally Posted by JoeSchmoe View Post

Another thing... there's been a lot of Blue and Holiday Valley comparison on this thread. I'll give the lowdown from someone who skiis both regularity.

Vert: Though the stats say 750' for HV and 720' for Blue, I give the edge to Blue. That's because all the runs go from the top of the escarpment to the bottom. At HV, only the Mardi Gras and Yodeller Chairs hit the full vert (though Champagne and Yodeller are so sweet!). The rest of the lifts at HV I'd say would be slightly less than Blue.

Snow: I'd give this one a tie. Having seen the conditions for about 5 years now, I'd say HV gets a few more major dumps than Blue. But, I think HV is more prone to exagerate their snowfalls, and stats. As well, the snow making at HV is not as good, and due to being quite a bit south, the snow retention is not as good.

Terrain: I'd give the edge to HV. At Blue the North Chair and Central Chair provide some thrills, but HV seems to have maybe a few more runs with more sustained vert. As well, the layout is cooler, since your skiing on so many different faces. They seem to be more liberal about skiing in the trees too. Mind you, I really like how you can ski top to bottom glades at Blue now.

Grooming: Definitely Blue. I like ungroomed runs when the snow is fresh. However, since the resorts around here are so small, runs get tracked out really fast, and next think you know, its mogul city, and I hate moguls. Blue is really good at bringing out the groomers like twice daily, but HV will let their runs go for days it seems. If speed is your thing like it is for me, Blue is better.

Lifts: Though there are alot more lifts at HV, all of Blue's are highspeed, so Blue takes it. Many of HV's lifts are too slow for me. When Blue isn't busy, you can log so much vert on all those high speed lifts!

Crowds: HV takes it! I HATE Blue on the weekends. So if I'm going to be doing weekend skiing I just won't go to Blue. HV is managable, and I find you can basically do laps on the weekend if you stick to the singles lines.

Park: HV's park is pretty low budget, and the pipe sucks. The kickers on Fiddler's Elbow are pretty fun though. Though I'm not a huge park guy, Blue definitely takes it. Their pipes are pretty darn nice.

Not sure what else to rate as these are the things that matter most to me. Essentially (IMO), I have more fun at Blue during the week, and more fun at HV on weekends, with the crowds being the deciding factor. If you live in southern Ontario, both resorts are a MUST DO, as they are so different, yet both strong in their own ways.

What does everyone else think?


Wow... i forgot about this thread.  I wish I got up to Blue to check out the new terrain on the Orchard pod as I mainly ski Holiday Valley (or Bristol Mountain, which is superior to the two).  I'm not sure if i read any TR on the new area.  That said, I can maybe give an update based on some improvements at HV and I'll throw Bristol Mountain in the mix.


Vert: No change between HV / Blue, but Bristol Mt dominates the two, with the average run being double the size.


Snow: Again a tie... Last year Blue would have beat HV for snow, as HV missed the major dumps (that the lowly KB got).  That said, I think I underestimated the effect of elevation on snow retention in my previous assessment.  I find tree skiing to be a little more reliable at HV.  Bristol loses in snow as its not in lake effect country.  Bristol has the best quality snow from their snowmaking though, and HV's snowmaking has improved.  That said, Blue probably has the most horsepower on their system.


Terrain: HV still wins in variety. The new pod at Blue is still the same face on the escarpment as the rest of the resort.  Bristol is sort of the same as Blue, as there's only two main faces to ski.  When describing Bristol to people who've never been there, I say take Blue Mountain, chop it in half, then place the one half on top of the other.  Everything said, I'll take Bristol's length over HV's variety.


Grooming: HV has improved in this regard.  I've gone there after rain and been surprised to find no ice.  Bristol is always solid in this regard too, though i was there one day this year, and it was uncharacteristically icy.


Park: HV has improved... especially with their border cross run.  Its still lacking in the half pipe dept.  Bristol seems to have a good park, with a beginner side and an advanced side.


Crowds: The same.  The Comet chair can get busy at Bristol on weekend nights.


One thing I forgot to mention before, if you want the ski-in ski-out village experience Blue Mountain takes the cake.  Neither come close.  The village of Ellicottville is really nice authentic ski town (not manufactured)... but its a 5 minute car ride to get to the resort.  Both are good in their own ways... different strokes for different folks.  Bristol has almost nothing village wise except for the few condos in the Galaxy area.  There's no village nearby either.

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