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Another ski question

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I am a strong female skier, level 8 or so. I have skied since I was 3, so that means 27 years, 20-60 days/year - which is a reasonable amount... I am 5,6' and weigh 175 pounds (you would never guess...). So, not exactly a light skier, quite strong, modestly aggressive (sometimes it is a lot of fun to push it hard, but I want to be able to ski a long day!) and like medium turns. At the moment I ski 177cm Salomon X-Screams and I am looking for a new pair of skis. I am confident to ski anything with my x-screams. What i get is mostly hardpack, eastern/European conditions and 90/10. I have another pair for the powderdays. Before the x-screams I had salomon gs race skis in 194cm.

Last year I demoed the Balanze 7:5 in 150cm - It was ok and fun, but not my ski. I need something more, these were somehow too easy. Too bad, they did not have the balanze metrons to demo. I have also been suggested to demo the sx-10's in either 166 or 173. Do you guys have any good ideas for a new ski for me? Should I be looking for the women specifics or something else? I want a ski that I can trust, whatever the conditions are. It's a long time ago I bought new skis... because I really have liked what I have.
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Get a pair of slalom skis...

...the stock length for most women is 155 cm. Consider especially the Atomic LT-11. Ski Depot has last year's in a 150 length, which I'm sure would work (one of the top women racers in Rocky Mountain Masters uses a 143) for an excellent price:

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The Outlaw Josie Wales:

I've never skied them (obviously) but have heard good feedback re Volkls Attiva line if you decide to go female-specific.

Think Attiva S5 or Attiva AC3.

Again, this is only word of mouth.


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Atomic SX 11 or 12 for hardpack medium turns at your weight.
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Definitely demo if at all possible. Skis have changed drastically since the X-Scream!!

If you're skiing mostly groomed, fairly agressive, and mostly fast, look into the Volkl Supersport line - and definitely go shorter!! Check out the Allstar or the older 6 Star in around a 161 or so (It's what I'm on and I've never wished it was longer, but I HAVE wished it was shorter). Lots of 'the girls' have been saying good things about the Attiva (women's) lines as well. They're the same ski as the unisex but 20% softer and 20% lighter - they won't require as much speed or muscle as the unisex version.

The other skis that are getting thumbs-up are the 'Love' skis from K2 and the Dynastar Exclusive Legend.

Good Luck

ps.. Seconding the idea for a slalom ski if you like to make short turns. The Volkl racestock SL is surprisingly user-friendly and fairly soft (the 155 is my other 'daily' ski)
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I know that skis have changed , but I have rather put my money on season pass and good, professionally fitted, boots than new skis... Now it's time to get the skis. In a few weeks I will have a change to demo - that is exactly why I am asking for ideas. It is way easier to demo if you have an idea of the skis you want to demo.

For sure I will go shorter. It is a good idea to check out a few slalom skis as well. I have also been suggested to test the Nordica Olympia Victory. So - my demo list is starting to build up - slalom skis in about 150-155 cm, Volkl racestock SL, Atomic LT-11, Attiva S5/AC3, Allstars, SX 11/12 (in 166cm?)... : A lot of work, but a lot of fun, too.
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I try skis at freedemos days because they are there and buy cheap skis that I think I might enjoy when I see them.
You ought to evaluate as the season opens and move thru your list until you find them. It's going to have to be as much variety of runs as you can anticipate handling, several per ski. The ski shop will be your last demo, visit several rental ought to be credited out on the right ski
Eventually spend some time on one you choose and ski yao and continue becoming a connossieur of many skis for many mountains to come. It's only money and hopefully you'll be able to ski all you want irregardless. eric
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Josie, welcome!

Try the K2 Burning Luvs.
I'm several lbs heavier than you, about 6" taller, and have a few extra bits you don't have ( ), but found them a great ski when I demoed them in the summer.
Unfortunately, I've changed my boots, and they would clash with my Kryptons, so I haven't got a pair.
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Volklgirl is right about demoing if you can. Besides, Demoing skis is soooooooo much fun.

Wear the Fox Hat is also right.........he did have fun on the Burnin Luvs. Convinced me to buy a pair
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Hello again,

I could get a very good deal on the head i.xrc 800 skis - what kind of skis are those? I wish I could demo more... We┬┤ll see.
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