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Warren Miller - Journey

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There is going to be a showing of Warren Miller's "Journey" and a special appearance by Glen Plake in Buffalo, NY on January 11th for his Freeskier Magazine Downhome Tour. Glen Plake will have a discussion before the screening and introduce the movie. After the movie Plake will be skiing at a local mountain and later that night there will be a party for him and Freeskier Magazine downtown. You can read about the tour at www.freeskier.com, if anyone is in the local area this is a great chance to ski with one of the greats of our time.

Has anyone seen the movie? I would like to know there thoughts.
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Have not seen the movie but I met Glen in October and he is a class act!!! Never to busy to talk about skiing. You can tell it is a passion with him, anyone who has the chance to go should!!!
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Journey was top notch!!! Lots of Warren in the movie this year! The sky diver guy was really kick-A**! I am sure it will be even better if you watch it with Plake in the house!!
Enjoy. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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Saw the movie in Steamboat in October. Great entertainment! As for Glen Plake, I've had the pleasure to have skied with him on a few occasions. He will be skiing at H.V. down in Elicotteville while he's in for the show. He has friends there who have a ski shop and restaurant/bar. He'll tell you that Eville is one of his favorite places. He is a genuinely nice person and has a great smile.
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I think I'll probably go see the movie. haven't seen a warren miller film in a long time, except for some real old ones recently on tv. Know When he will be at HV/ellicottville? What shop is it that his freinds own?
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He is good friends with Moose, the owner of the Ski Depot and the Depot Restaurant. He usually spends a few days a year in Ellicotteville, I would guess right after the showing. He always skis with the freestyle team at the Valley. It's low key and no "Mohawk" but the kids know who he is. He's one of the reasons some Olympic skiers such as Travis Mayer and Jillian Vogtli have come from the program at Holiday. Which also proves one doesn't have to grow up skiing big mountains to become a great skier.
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hmm, I've actually been on the freestyle team the last coupla years and again this year. Never knew he was involved with eville, although I don't hang out at the depot like almost all of the coaches and everybody else from the team does.
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