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Neox Question

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I have a pair of B5's - original model (years old now?). With it I got the original Neox binding. I have considered getting a new Neox binding but the price has not been worth the weight reduction up till now. I now have a track on a sizeable discount for the bindings to I have 2 questions:

1) Have they changed the binding mount at all or will it still fit the plate on my original B5's.

2) Normally the 4.12 would be fine for me (I ski aroun a DIN 8). However, there is often more metal and durability in a 14 DIN binding so should I consider the 6.14. If the only difference is the spring I would stick with the 4.12
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I switched from the heavier 412 to the lighter one and did not notice a difference (skiing) at all. The mounting is identical.

The 614 is still heavy, it is jsut thte 412 that was lightened up. I ski mine on a 10-11 and am fine with no concideration of going to the 614.
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Interesting observation Phil -i was curious as to performance with the lighter binding. I just got a second pr of SX 10's w/ the lighter Neox 412 ( killer deal @STP) and haven't skied them yet .
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Thanks Phil,
I'm not looking for any change while skiing from the weight reduction (I like them just the way they are). I just want to make it a little bit easier when I have to hike with them. Also my ski bag is a bit over 50 lbs. now and it would help to keep them under that for airline travel.
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