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Going to JH Steep and Deep Camp?

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I signed up for the Steep and Deep in JH March 8-11 and I am looking for someone that would like to share a room. Just PM me.
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A word of caution. JH at that time of year can be quite warm, and the snow deep and wet. I did S&D that week two years ago, and it was ice in the morning and mashed potatoes in the afternoon.

All in all, a pretty good experience.

As for lodging, I'd suggest the Hostel X, clean, cheap and 200 feet from the base. All for about $60/night.

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Hostel-X all the way baby!!
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I'm going to the Feb session.

To broaden the question a little: who is going to any of the S&D sessions this year? I'm not looking for a roomie or anything, just wondering.

If you're at the same one as me, we ought to figure out how to recognize each other and say hi at the opening reception.
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I'm giving some serious thought to making a camp this year. Fortunately I'm close enough that I can cherry pick the dates but I'd like some input as to the actual value of attending. I'd be happy to split a room and share my 40+ years of Wyoming experiences with whomever.

nando - JHMR can be great in March or not
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Originally Posted by adipose View Post
...but I'd like some input as to the actual value of attending.
I went last year and am going back this year.

I've been struggling to put together a good answer for you. I meant to put together a trip report over the summer, but never got around to it. Now that the new season has started, it seems the moment has passed.

I'll try to sum up how S&D worked and what I got out of it. To tell the truth, as a semi-local with JHMR experience, some of what was most important to me may be irrelevant to you.

When you get down to essences, S&D is really just four days of group lessons. But it is 4 days of very good group lessons. The instructors are excellent and the other students are preselected to be serious about skiing and have similar abilities. (It is also slightly longer each day than a walk-up lesson, since it goes bell to bell. Actually, we rode up early and waited at the top for the mountain to open in the morning.)

Even though they sent out questionaires ahead of time, they matched up the groups by an old-fashioned ski off. I was surprised how well this worked. My group was very well matched. (And they had it so well orgainized that it did not chew up very much time at all.) My group was slightly below the middle - we could all ski most of the double-blacks, but it was kinda ugly.

So each day we gathered before the lifts opened, skied, had an excellent lunch, skied, and then had an apres-ski event. One night we had a banquet. One afternoon we went out of bounds with a guide from the guide service and our instructor.

My camp was really just steep, no deep. I had my usual bad powder luck and was there one of the few weeks that it did not snow all winter.

So what did I get out of S&D?

1) A chance to push my limits with someone who knew the mountains and the group. I knew I wasn't going to suddenly find myself at the top of an unskiable cliff. This was the main thing I was looking for ahead of time.

2) Someone who knows where some less obvious corners are and how the different faces react to sun and temperature. If we had had powder that would've been even more important.

3) Four days of instruction. This wasn't really at the front of my mind ahead of time, but wound up being important. Four days is long enough that the teaching can be subtle but persistent. We'd alternate -- some runs we'd work on technique, others we'd just ski. All of us improved over the four days.

4) Skiing with the same group for four days. We got to know each other's skiing pretty well.

5) Going OB with a guide. I'm not completely sure, but I think some of the better groups went out more than we did. Also not high on my list going in, but was pretty cool.

What didn't I like? Not too much, obviously, since I'm going back. There were a couple of things, though...

a) Almost everyone was there with a group, so there wasn't much opportunity to dine / hang out / drink once the apres-ski was over. I'm sure if I was a little pushier socially I could have tagged along with one or another group, but I didn't feel like doing that. Besides which, skiing hard all day followed by a couple of beers did not leave all that much motivation to do anything in the evenings.

b) video. I wish there could have been more video, and sooner. We were basically taped skiing two pitches on one run the afternoon of the second day. Now I realize it is hard to set up taping without bogging everything down, but I wish someone could figure it out. The video was very enlightening to me -- our coach told us to stand up taller, I said to myself, "yeah, yeah, I am standing up." Then I saw the video, and said "Holy cow, I'm bending at the waist!"

Bottom line, I had a great time and I'm going back.

If you want any more details or have any other questions, ask away.
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Thanks for the info. I am aware that JH can be a bit warm early March however I've been wanting to do the camp for three years and this may be the only time I will be able to be there this year.
As this year is an El-nino year the forecast is for a warmer winter but with snow storms predominantly in March. I love JH anyways and I think unless all I get is slush it will be fun. As Warren Miller would say "If you don't do it this year, next year you will be a year older" However I would like to hear what you have to say if you've been there in March and conditions weren't good.
MDF your input was also very good. Thanks
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