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Sunday River Demo Days

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Demo Days are this weekend (Thanksgiving Weekend, 11/25-26). Any East Coast Bears coming? Anyone want to meet on the Mountain?
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too much gas for me

anything ala RR so you don't have to baste all day to ski off thursday.
annoyingly delicious, with a pinch of provocative prep tech.
wonderful with that first gulp of coffee before shift.
Definite need to get a couple of runs bronzepass, Lame excuse maybe, precludes joining you. thanks.
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So, no other East Coast Bears are going to brave the "White Strip of Death"?? Too bad. I'll be there Saturday and will post a report. Admitedly, there will be precious little terrain open, but hey--its skiing and demos, too much fun to miss for me even if I do have to brave the WSOD.
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I was going to head up on Friday, but things were looking so gloomy that I canceled my reservation. However, I'm starting to have second thoughts. Killington has more open, but the thought of skiing there this weekend is just plain scary. I'm thinking now that maybe I'll drive up to SR Friday night, ski all day Saturday and Sunday morning, and be home just in time for the start of the Pats game. The reservations dept. told me I would have no trouble getting my reservation back if I decided to come, which tells me they don't expect to be real busy, but I'm sure there will be some liftlines to contend with. It's also raining in the Boston area now, and that might tend to keep some people away.
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I'm gonna wait til tommorrow to figure this out. Need to check the reports on the hill tommorrow and then see how my back feels (wrenched it the other day but getting better).

Would just love to demo some skis but might have to wait another week....
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Don't Bother to come!!!! The snow is fair and the slopes crowded as you wouild expect, but he reps are not demoing. The vans are there and they are showing off the skis, but not letting out any demos for fear of inadequate cover and damage to the new gear, so don't come to demo. You will be disappointed.

I skied three hours and left because the trail was getting way too crowded. First turns are always sweet though. Maybe next weekend will offer a bit more terrain.
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That's what I'm hoping for next weekend. More snow, less people. I already did a core shot on my new skis in Colorado last week, next weekend the rock skis are coming with me.
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Ride -- Thanks for the tip-off. I was actually thinking of coming, and trying to figure out skiis for my son was a big part of it.

Looks like my next chance to ski will be Dec 8 -- hope the snow does better by then.
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yup thanks for the info.

My stiff back would have precluded me from having much fun anyway.

Next weekend there is another demo somewhere - need to check my calendar. {checked and I have written down Sunapee on Sunday}. Let's hope it doesn't rain again and we get some cool nights. Trying not to mention that four letter word we all hope for so I don't jinx it .
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I'm so pissed, I drove 2.5 hrs yesterday to Sunday River specifically to demo this years gear. When I got there every rep was saying no, we are not letting people take gear out. The reps claimed Sunday River had advised them letting any gear out due to liability reasons and snow cover.

These are DEMO skis for cryin' out loud, they are going to get beat up. If I wanted to look at skis I could go to my local shop. They should have at least posted on their site that the demo was cancelled. Grr!!
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FYI, the Reps BUY their own demo skis. They are not free to them so they have a vested interest in not letting them get damaged. At the end of the season they sell off the demos to recoup their investment. Early season damage is part of the game, but come on, it should be easy to understand not sending skis out to their doom.

I'm amazed at what people do to demo skis and still sleep at night.
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I did not realize that reps buy their own skis, that makes sense to me now.

Seems ridiculous for a ski/board company to make their own salespeople buy the product they are trying to sell!!
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Most are independent, they work for themselves on a commission basis. Doing demo days helps the shops they sell to sell skis, then (hopefully) the shops buy more skis from the rep, the rep makes money.
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Anyone headed to the "Riva" this weekend? I am. With cold temps all week and round the clock snowmaking going on, 25 trails and five lifts, I'm betting it's going to be sweet.
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