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French press mugs are very handy, mobile and can be used with tea. They are good for 'keeping it simple'. Great for camping, backpacking and road trips, etc too. This one has a place to put a 'stash' in the base. I'm interested in DC water heaters to complement my mug for hot water while driving. Any ideas?

(From The Liquid Planet)

Note! You can buy replacement plunger & cap for $5 that will probably work on any mug with a 2 15/16"/75mm opening to convert it to a mini french press.

FWIW here's some generic info on coffee.
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The trouble with pods is that you're limited in what you can put in them, and you're not gettting fresh ground.

We have then at work, and they keep getting clogged with chalk (Berlin water), too. Nobody else seems to understand that they need to put filtered water in (and when you think about it, it's kind of silly anyway).

A french press or a perc are the only ways to go when traveling.

At home, get a good espresso machine if you're into that or use the french press or perc.
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Can you run white vinegar through them?
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alpinord---you can get a pot that plugs into the cig lighter

it takes about 15 min to boil. they are usually at rv stores, truckstops, camping stores, etc. the truckstops usually have all sorts of other gadgets. i even have a plug-in oven that cooks dinner in 45 min while you drive.
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Now here is a question i can answer...Every time my coffee makers **** the bed i take out my $20.00 Mr coffee.I have gone thru about 6 or 7 in last 5 yrs"took a hammer to 1 last yr,looked like Jack Nicholson in The Shinning when i did it and it WAS still plugged in to boot" but the 15 yr old Mr Coffee is always a stand by.Now as far as making 1 0r 2 cup just follow the 1 scoop coffee/2 cup water method and you will be fine
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Thanks duke. I'm aware of the options, but was looking for any recommendations on long lasting ones (or are they all basically the same and reliable).

Additionally, Jet Boil now has a french press option where you can stop somewhere and boil water in two minutes. (Just don't fire up this bad boy while you stop to pump gas.: )
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French press, french press, french press.

I've got one of those travel cups above and its great, although a thermos with screw on cap is the only way to go for keeping stuff really hot.
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