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All-Mountain Ski

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Hey, I am looking to get a nice all-around ski for both groomed and pow days. I ski 95% at Snowbird, Utah so there are lots of terrain types. I also want a nice GS ski to go along with those days. I have researched a little on good AMS and found these 3 skis to be a good fit. I'm hoping someone has skied these this year or have heard pros and cons about these.

I am a big Sali fan but am really looking for a good ski here. Any feedback would be great! Thanks!

Rossignol Zenith Z9
Salomon X Wing Tornado/Fury/Sandstorm (Any of the 3)
K2 Apache Outlaw M1

Male, 6' 3", 220, advanced skier, skiing mostly off-piste, some moguls, more pow, occasional cuordory

Any other skis than those listed would be nice to know about as well. Thanks gobig!
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You may want to include male or female, your height, weight, skier level and the type of terrain you will be skiing. This will give others a better idea on skis. I own Head monster 77's and the 82's have also gotten great reviews (look in gear reviews for plenty of reviews on both). Either of these skis would be great for Utah skiing, depending on your preferance.
Good luck
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