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Ski length for my son

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My son is 18 years old, 5'5" - 135 lbs.
He's a good, very smooth skier who skis most anything on the mountain, including hiking beyond the ropes.
What length Sweet Daddy's would you recommend for him.
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Seems like a simple enough question.
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based on the data - 163cm.

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Your son is 165 cm tall aprox. And so i think your choice is between the 163 and the 173. When I was buying skis this season I was considering the sugar daddy and they recomended the 193's for me which were over my head. They said based on my skiing type i would be happier on the longer skis. So with your sons weight and hight i would recomend the 163's unless he skied under the ropes a lot in which case he would like the extra length in the back country. Considering his weight I would say the 173 are too much ski for him unless he is a really strong skier, if he is and taking into consideration that he is 18 and probably likes to huck himself off anything and everything i would give him the 173's. And by strong I mean strong not just good but able to pressure the ski.

Also I realize that my english teacher would probably fail me if she read my above post but I have been up since 330 this morning and am in the airport in newark NJ finding out that my bags are on a plane elsewhere and the airline gave away my seat so hopefuly you can extract some sense from my post and get your son a ripping stick
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I am 6' 160 pounds and i have demoed the Goode with and carnpm 82 waist in 166 and it was the one of the fastest turning ski i have ever skied it also floated very well in powder. I think that he should get these in 156. Also these are the lightest skis you can buy and have highes Flex to torsion ratio of any ski which means that it it won't twist as much but will absorb shock well
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^^^^Do you know how much goode skis cost?
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