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Advice on new skiis

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this is Ressurection , back from the dead

This will be my first year on skis since january 2001, i had to stop skiing because of back injury and subsequent operation . I used to be an athletic skier , probably a high 7 or low 8 (that was then , last year i skied for one day only and i would put myself in a low7 , i hope that will change) , could negotiate all of the front of the mountain except for moguls (not really my thing) and had started the last 3 or 4 years before Jan 2000 to ski the back bowls of my native ski hill , some big mountains in the alps also .
Last ski was a 190+ X scream series , i felt at the time i had made a mistake and should have gone for a shorter length (Philpug and i think oboe at the time discouraged me from getting that lenght but i went and did my thing nonetheless) .Before the X scream i skied with Solly axendo series , and before that with Solly force 9 3s

I 'm 5 11 and weigh 200 .

Hopefully i will have enough time to prepare for the season , its kinda late to start now the prep but i plan on giving it at least 4 hours (8 if i quit my job )each day for a month and i feel certain i will be ready .

So , what kinda ski i m looking for.
I like off piste skiing , if i can i will do this all day , and although we get enough snow here its heavy , settles fast to hardpack or crust with heavy settled snow underneath and some blue ice on the top of the "runs" . We dont get really deep snow , and even if its waist deep its still heavy .In the afternoon it will be corn , and that can happen even in January .
I dont want a ski for the inbounds . I want it to have really good edgegrip so that i it will hold on the steep and icy .Accept old school (at least i think its old school) technique , like jump turns . And when the really steep section finishes i want it to be stable , to ski the cement and the crust snow as if its curduroy . Is that toooo much to ask ?
Also i like short and medium turns and when outof bounds i dont ski fast , i try to ski without flaws and that usually for me means a respectable speed , but certainly not really fast. I need the ski to work on low speeds as good as or even better than moderate or high speeds.

i thank you in advance and look forward to your input

PS. I ve read good stuff about these , are they close to what i m looking for?
Volkl AC4
Head IM82
Nordica Afterburner
Atomic B5
Atomic M11 B5
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Thread Starter where you're going ...*BUMP*
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Given what you wrote, I would take the B5 off your list (too much sidecut to do that). The others are good. You also might put the Volkl Mantra and Karma on your list, as well. If you're not going to ski everything at high speed, take the Heads off, too.

The M11:B5 and AC4 are going to be more edge-focused (like to be on edge and arc a nice turn, but are more difficult to feather or drift and apply old school technique). I think the Afterburner will be ideal, but if you're read my review of it, you know I think that it is a great ski!
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ssh , i havent read your review , i think . I ve read so many reviews here that i m a bit confused to what i read , where and from who.

Why a ski with a lot of sidecut wont cut it ?

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I'll echo SSH's suggestions of:

Karma (87 waist)
Mantra (94 waist)

You might also wish to try:
Rossignol B3 (83 waist?)

K2 Apache Recon (84 waist?)

Line Prophet 80 (80 waist)

If you want something a little burlyer (i.e. stiffer):
AK No Ka Oi (78 waist)
Blizzard Titan 8 (or 9, depending on the length you are after) (T8 = 80 waist/T9 = 92 waist)
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actually the mantra was recomended to me by an old friend but i m a bit skeptical about its ability on icy steeps .
The Titans i dont know much about . Lines are out of the question, no availability here.
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i ve decided. :
Two pairs .

One is the Nordica Hot Rod Afterburner , SSH was a big influence with his review and a few old friends also suggested the same ski among others so its official . Also Atomic Β5 .

Two questions though , both about ski length.

The Nordica comes out in 170 and 178 . What do you guys think i should get considering my background and physical stats?

Also , the Atomic comes in 162 and 172 . I read that the 172 is lighter from the one from 2005 , do the owners of the Atomic B5 have any suggestions regarding this skis length?

Thank you
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come on , your opinion is needed here
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Back when you were a 7/8 you were skiing a succession of Salomons. Solly's have for years had a light, nimble and easily tossable feel. You are now looking at a ski (the AB) that is much wider, heavier, and more deliberate. Nordicas in general, ski BIG. To me this says err on the short side (170) in order to facilitate the short-medium turns and moderate off trail speeds that you like.

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SierraJim thanks for your time . What you say makes sense , i also thought the same way and was ready for a 170. Then i went to the Nordica shop here and the salesperson suggested that a 178 would be better for flotation in soft snow. I m aware of that argument and that is why i posted the question regarding length. Maybe i should have been more detailed .

so here goes ......
i basically want to know if the 178 will be that much of a positive difference in soft snow and powder(heavy thou) so as to justify the additional length over the 170 and the obvious downgrade in quickness , weight, turn radius etc .

I m buing the AB as the soft snow ski in my 2 ski quiver ....and will not use it on groomed trails(at least thats my thinking behind this specific 2 ski quiver) .Whats your opinion guys ? I would like to hear SSH's ( and anyone else that has skied the AB)
opinion too.

PS.I ve found the answer to my question about the Atomic B5 after reading a lot of older posts in this forum .....i want the B5 to be a quick turner and as light as possible so i m going for the 162.

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You have picked the right lenght in the B5 based on what you have told us.
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178 8800 is the ski you are looking for.
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At your size, Rez, I would suggest either the 178 Afterburner or the 170 Jet Fuel. Given your skill level, I think I'd recommend the 178 Afterburner. At 25+ lbs less than you, I'm getting the 170 Afterburner.
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The AB is a great ski. I haven't skied the B5, but have tried the M11:B5. Even though it's tamer than the B5, the M11:B5 still felt more of a front-side ski. The AB on the other hand felt better for all-mountain skiing -- it will do whatever you want it to. The M11:B5 and the AC4 both wanted to ride the edge all the time. And the AB really doesn't give up much ground on the groomed.
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thank you for your time ! I m not sure yet as to which way i ll go , 170 or 178 , but i think it will come down to what the available lengths are . There is a plethora of demand it seems for this ski cause they were trying to find a 178 and couldnt. So my final selection may have to be based more on availability than taste.

You also have a Metron B5 i think , do you think you will use it as much as the AB this season ?

@ faisasy
thank you for your input . I ruled out both M11 and AC4 , the M11 cause i m getting the B5 and didnt want a second 76mm ski and the AC4 because where ever i looked it said thats its more of a front side carver. Also an old friend whom i trust gave higher marks for the AB than the AC4.

too little sidecut , that was my reasoning for the Dynastar

and deemo
i hope i made the right choice
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well after much debating of the pros and cons , a lot of PMs , more emails , agonizing over online reviews here, realskiers , even mags i gave today my order .

Look at my stats first to refresh your memory , in the beggining i was set for somewhat different skis , at a point i was ready to pull the trigger on a B5 and an Nordica AB . Then i couldnt find the Nordica online , and decided against the B5. Long story short , i got today these two

M11B5 170
Solly Fury 172

I ordered them from and these are the urls
i think its a decent price .

I wanna thank you all for your input here , your help and opinions . The Epic forum is a great place , gearhed or not .
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