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Recs for double ski travel bag

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Looking for a double ski bag, preferably with wheels but not necessary, >= 165cm accomodation, that can actually hold 2 pairs of skis and poles. I just got a High Sierra 216 that just doesn't cut it - can't fit our 2 pairs. In all the advertising for about 30 bags, I haven't seen a photo of one that actually shows 2 pairs of skis in the bag. Anyone have one that they us with 2 pairs that they would recommend? I wan't something that can fold up not a hard case.

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I bought a bag from Volkly this year.

It has a seperation pad between the pairs (except at tips and tails), has a seperate zipper for each pair, and one end of the bag is extendable twice to increase the overall length.

I have fit my 8800's / poles and my SX10's in it without too much trouble. I am pretty sure putting one more pair of poles in there would not be a problem.

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I got this one. I checked it and it will fit 2 pairs. But, one pair needs to be less the 190cm. Not allot of room in the expandable part.

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Mike - I've got a Concourse Double bag from DaKine that I've been really, really happy with and can highly recommend. However I will also note that it's not a small bag (DaKine's web site is correctly stating that it's empty weight is 11lbs). That said...

I was with you in wanting a bag that I could travel with two pairs of skis and hadn't found one I was happy with. With the Concourse Double (I have the 200cm size) I've been totally happy not only being able to take two pair of skis on a trip but occasionally, and alternatively, one pair of my skis and my girlfriend's snowboard (proof positive that it'll take two pair of skis no problem).

My bag works on the taco method of ski bag design: it has two halves each with it's own zippered ski section (on my bag, now about four years old, there's a strap system inside one of the sections to strap your skis down tightly. But either side works fine for skis). You can open each half which is just Cordura on the inside, but is padded with foam on the outside, load up your skis, pack the extra space with ski clothes, the zip them up. Once packed, you fold it in half and secure it closed. It has wheels on one end and a rolling handle on the other. Bomber construction and, for me, perfectly sized to pack the bag (11lbs by itself) with two pair of skis (about 15lbs each) and enough ski clothes (circa 9lbs to make it under the 50lbs baggage limit) so that my other bag is really just the bulky stuff: boots, helmets, goggles, etc. The result is a well packed, padded and protected ski bag with two pair o' boards for either your own mini-quiver or spousal needs, which ever the case may be.

Not sure how this year's version is laid out, but check it out at: www.dakine.com > "Bags" > "Ski Bags" > "Wheeled"

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This is what I have/recommend:


It's adjustable.

It comes in single, double, triple, and quadruple versions.

It's hard, so some over zealous airport baggage handlers aren't gonna break your tips, tails or bindings.

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LL Bean has a nice double bag with wheels. Good padding and strapping as well.
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Concourse Dakine

I too have the 185 Concourse double from Dakine...and it is awesome. Skis velcro in to their respective spots and room for other things as well - pants...maybe a jacket or some clothes.
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Ive got a Double Trouble bag from PMGear and the Dakine Concourse Bag. The Dakine will fit 2 sets of skis and poles. The Double Trouble will fit 2 pairs of skis, all the clothes I own, poles, and probably myself if someone could stuff me in. Both have wheels and fold up. Both are pretty well padded. Dakine is like a nice big brown bear. The Double Trouble is like a gigantic grizzly.
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