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Alta's open

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Alta opened Saturday- I got up yesterday, Monday. No crowd. The covering was scant, but there's enough snow on the groomers to make for some pretty great cruisin' and zoomin'. The groomers are basicly wildflower meadows in summer so the 30" base is plenty for now. Supreme is not yet open, but that's normal for this time of year. The off piste, mineral basin, etc. looks like chocolate chip ice cream and is definately rock city. Sometimes it starts that way. There's a storm coming Thursday and the pinapple express is pretty dependable so I wouldn't worry about a thing.
In the meantime, blasting the groomers was great- by lunch I dropped the rock skis and got out the new red Mantras. Ran into MTT on his big LPs and skied with him for awhile. I didn't so much keep up, but I was able to keep him in sight, which is saying a lot. The Mantras make a pretty good GS race ski when called on. Real nice ski- snappy and fun. Met a few locals, saw a few maggots- it was like family day, a gathering of the faithful at the cathedral. About half the skiers were tele, but pretty much everyone was GSing the groomers alpine style. Ski school was open- A woman from NYC I rode up with did the afternoon workshop and ended up with a private. Ski patrol was keeping an eye on MTT but saw that he was sking quite well, so they didn't bother to try catching him...
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PS. the snow quality on the groomers was mid winter cord,crispy and crunchy. Great to set an edge. A little polished marble here and there, but nothing that qualifies as ice. Off- piste,what had been pow on opening day was pretty much don't-go-there refrozen crud, but there were a few pow hunters on the north slopes with rock skis.
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thanks Mr. crab - exactly the kind of info i was looking for. will be there 1st/2nd/3rd.
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Great description Mr.Crab! I was there on Saturday and Sunday and had a blast. One observation - I'd say that the parking lot on both days was at least 60% Subaru's. The skiing was awesome and I was surprised to see as many skiers as I did coming down High Rustler. High-T was pretty damn bony.
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A good time in The LCC

Hey Mr. Crab I just saw this thread. Excellent description of the conditions, you ran into me at the end of a three day trip to open Alta. It was a good way to start the year.

I wanted to say that I saw in you a very improved skier this year. You were really tearing up the hill on the Mantra's. Nice angles, I liked the way you were loading the ski and then doing those fast snappy cross under moves. Anyway, A fun weekend and it was nice making some turns with you.

PS: what did you think of the Chick we rode the chair with, year round ski guide, riding 188 Titan 9’s with Free Rides and Garmonts inbounds. CORE!
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Hey thanks- the Mantras rock. The Titan girl was so cool- we're going to have to look her up. Alta chicks are- what can I say- the best. I learned everything I know about this skiing thing following cute butts at Alta...

Meanwhile NINETEEN INCHES af new snow- still snowing, and another storm in the slot...
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